What is S/4HANA Public Cloud?

S/4HANA public cloud is a SaaS alternative to S/4HANA, run by SAP. Tenants can plug into a standardized set of HANA-like features without the cost, complexity, or time commitment of setting up and running their own ERP system. However, these […]

SAP HANA Cost Benefits For SMEs

Your SAP HANA landscape is a crucial piece of infrastructure — and like any other business infrastructure, you want it to just work. Businesses are waking up to the peace of mind and reliability the managed cloud can bring them. […]

S/4HANA Cloud for Small & Medium Enterprises — Three Paths

Most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) migrating SAP offsite will end up on S/4HANA eventually. The question is, what SAP HANA migration path is right for you? Companies need to choose whether to simply move their current SAP deployment to […]

SAP HANA Migration Options: Making the Right Choices

A SAP HANA migration is a chance to remake your IT landscape. With the right choices, you’ll have something more powerful, more effective, and better aligned with the needs and goals of your organization. But as you’re evaluating the migration […]

Managed Cloud vs Unmanaged Cloud: Understanding Key Differences

With the ongoing acceleration of cloud technology, the managed cloud vs. unmanaged cloud debate has gotten extremely complicated. Providers constantly experiment with new features, pricing models and terminology to try to get an edge on the competition, and many businesses […]

How to Get Your SAP Upgrade Right

An SAP upgrade shouldn’t be risky or unpredictable. You should go in knowing exactly what you’re getting, and your partner should deliver it, period. With the 2026 SAP HANA® migration deadline on the way, it’s time to start thinking about […]

What is Segregation of Duties?

Separation or segregation of duties is a set of policies and controls to reduce risk and meet compliance goals by dividing key processes between multiple workers. SoD controls prevent specific combinations of roles that could facilitate fraud or embezzlement — […]

SAP® GRC Software: 3 Challenges

SAP GRC shouldn’t feel like an ongoing strategic challenge. With the right SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance software, passing audits should be a given, and remediating SOD conflicts should be pretty routine. If you’re struggling to keep up, it’s time […]

3 Benefits of Solution Manager 7.2 Technical Monitoring

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is one of the most versatile tools SAP offers. As a multipurpose Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution, it can be tremendously helpful in big picture project management undertakings, allowing your business to build and implement the […]

Why SAP HANA® Cloud? Why Now?

We love the SAP HANA cloud, and so do our customers, but we recognize that a lot of SAP ERP users aren’t exactly excited about the SAP migrating process. With so much riding on the success of your SAP migration, […]

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