Why Private Cloud?

Tech news sites love stories about disruption, and the public cloud has certainly been disruptive. As hyperscale cloud providers grow and develop new technologies, they tend to frame it as a total usurping of older tech, and it makes sense. […]

On Premise vs. Cloud: A CIO’s Dilemma

Looking at the statistics on cloud computing, you’d be forgiven for thinking almost everyone was moving to the cloud. According to one recent study, cloud infrastructure spending reached $37.1 billion in 2016, growing at 15.5%. However, traditional IT spending still […]

Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy: Why a Cookie Cutter Approach Won’t Work

Your cloud migration strategy needs to meet your company where it is, not where it should be. Your IT landscape has grown up with your company, accumulating customized business processes, compromises, workarounds and probably more than a few mistakes. You’ll […]

Outsourcing Cloud Services: Planning For the Right Outcomes

Most enterprises have a good understanding of their IT needs on the front end. However, when it comes to finding someone to help them configure and run that landscape, very few have a useful framework. Many simply rely on the […]

Choosing the Right Cloud: Capacity Management, Security & Cost

Traditionally, enterprises use multiple clouds optimized for different types of workloads. Although having a variety of different assets can pose cloud capacity management challenges and lead to fragmentation, the benefits generally outweigh the drawback. With the next generation cloud, companies […]

Virtual Private Cloud vs. Private Cloud: What’s the Difference?

The rapid progress of virtualization has shaken up traditional ideas about the cloud. Virtualized clouds can achieve levels of performance, stability and security that used to require dedicated hardware. The virtual private cloud vs. private cloud distinction is still new, […]

What Disaster Recovery Test Exercises Say About Your MSP

Disaster recovery is often compared to life insurance — a way for wealthy organizations to insure their assets against a worst-case scenario. But with the reliance of modern businesses on IT and the sophistication of modern cloud disaster recovery it […]

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan [Template]

When it comes to disaster recovery planning, most organizations cross their fingers and hope for the best. Many are using hopelessly outdated tape backups in bare cold DR sites, with inadequate DR planning and little to no testing. It’s easy […]

How Secure is the Cloud?

If someone asked you “how safe is a community,” how would you respond? Would you ask what kind of community they mean, tell them about the community you live in, or just shrug your shoulders and say, “it depends?”   […]

Why the Benefits of Cloud Services Depend on the Vendor

The cloud has been so hyped that companies often see it as an automatic strategic win. Business executives currently cite scalability, agility, cost and innovation as the most important benefits of cloud services, but there are other advantages to be […]

About Autumn Salama - Sr. Director of Technical Operations

Autumn Salama is the Senior Director of Technical Operations at Symmetry where she is responsible for Symmetry’s Implementations and 24x7 Support Services team. Autumn has been in the data center and cloud infrastructure business for over a decade - managing teams responsible for everything from critical infrastructure operations, service delivery, technical support, marketing and product management. Autumn leverages her diverse experience to provide superior customer service to Symmetry Clients throughout the service delivery and on-boarding process as well front line support outside of business hours.
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