4 Signs It’s Time For An SAP HANA Migration

The days of SAP ECC are numbered. In 2026, SAP is ending its support for other databases, forcing businesses to make an SAP HANA migration or get left behind. Between now and then, you have a lot to do: finding […]

SAP GUI Update: Fiori or Screen Personas?

Consumer software has focused on UX for years now, but it took business software a while to catch up. The SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI) definitely predates this movement. It can perform any transaction users need, but it’s all designed […]

SAP HANA® Use Cases: HANA Everything?

Your SAP landscape is a complex, one-of-a-kind machine. Its architecture and application stack may be the product of choices made over years, or even decades. To upgrade it to SAP HANA, you’ll need a plan designed around your assets and […]

Expert Insight: What is a SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)?

SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is a tool to streamline the creation and provisioning of test environments. With SAP TDMS, companies can create packages of simulated users and data, which can be migrated with a few clicks any time […]

Cloud Computing Cost Savings: 3 Tips for the Bottom Line

In just a few years, cloud computing has gone from providing one-size-fits-all utilities and cheap compute to an engine for revolutionizing business. Enterprises are no longer moving to the cloud to save a few bucks on hosting — they’re looking […]

Why is AS/400 Still Used? 4 Reasons to Stick With a Classic

IBM Power Systems computers have been a mainstay of enterprise IT since the 1980s. From the original AS/400 through the current IBM iSeries, they’ve been prized for performance, stability and dependability. However, as enterprise cloud services have continued to replace […]

What is AS/400 (IBM iSeries)?

The IBM AS/400 is another name for the IBM Power Systems server line, started in the late 1980s. Technically, AS/400 is the name of the first generation, and the computer is now called the IBM iSeries, but many veteran users […]

What is SAP Certification?

SAP certification refers to a range of credentials that demonstrate skills across the SAP landscape. There are three SAP certification levels, which students must complete in order: Associate, Specialist and Professional. All certifications require passing one or more rigorous exams […]

Do You Know Your SAP Basis Support Staff by Name?

If you don’t work in IT, there’s a good chance you haven’t even met your company’s SAP Basis support. SAP Basis is what keeps the SAP landscape running behind the scenes, and most Basis admins have a pretty low-profile job; […]

4 Reasons You Need Better SAP Basis Support

SAP Basis is vast, complex and almost invisible when it’s working correctly – and it’s absolutely crucial to your business. All the administration and maintenance tasks throughout your SAP landscape are handled by SAP Basis, from overseeing users, to overseeing […]

About Curtis Gaska - Solution Architect

Curtis Gaska is a solution architect on Symmetry's expert SA team, delivering complete SAP® technical solutions from upgrades to complex landscape implementations. Curtis pairs his sound SAP technical expertise with sales skills to knowledgably advise clients, and prospective clients of Symmetry’s services and product offerings throughout each stage of the sales cycle. Curtis has a unique ability to deliver technical knowledge to create customs solutions per the client requirements, by not only taking the technical specifications into consideration but also the business drivers particular to that organization in turn creating an optimal SAP environment. This skilled approached includes scoping, planning, and execution of various projects including Migrations/Upgrades/Installs, Hosting and ongoing Managed Services. He also stays abreast of the latest technologies such as road mapping solutions for client’s to leverage SAP HANA® in their current environment to then be hosted in Symmetry’s state-of- the -art Datacenter.
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