HANA Managed Cloud Providers — How to Choose the Best

There are numerous SAP HANA managed cloud providers in the market, with a diverse range of service models, levels and offerings. From the hyperscale commodity cloud, to system integrators, to managed application providers, everyone says they can manage your SAP […]

3 Companies Driving Innovation in the SAP HANA Cloud

Working on the backend of an SAP HANA landscape doesn’t come with a lot of glory. When a seamless migration allows companies to reap the full benefits of moving to the cloud, customers and business partners don’t talk about the […]

Why SAP HANA® Implementations Fail

There are hundreds of reasons why SAP implementations fail, but most boil down to lack of experience. Usually, the blame goes to the front end — project managers who don’t understand how to make all the pieces fit together, or […]

Why Outsource SAP: An Executive’s Guide

Anyone in business can rattle off a few basic reasons to outsource IT infrastructure. There’s decreased cost and complexity, increased flexibility and the opportunity to optimize your core vs. context approach to better utilize company resources. But many businesses who […]

Core vs. Context in Strategic Managed IT Services

Although most businesses understand the benefits of outsourcing, many still eschew managed IT services for ERP. Mission critical operations are kept in-house, where (at least in theory) the business can provide a higher level of service than an outsourcing partner. […]

3 Ways SAP Managed Services Fails Customers

Outstanding customer service is important across enterprise IT, but it’s particularly crucial in SAP. Many managed services providers with the technical knowhow to operate an SAP landscape still fail as business partners. Here’s how poor customer support, monitoring and communication […]

The New Age of Technical Monitoring

The evolution of technical monitoring is occurring as we speak. The underlying tools for processing, communication and nearly everything we do in today’s world is tied to some sort of technology. 10+ years ago, developers and vendors would create technical […]

SAP® Business Suite on HANA® vs. S/4HANA [Guide]

SAP ERP has been evolving and improving since the 1970s, but the release of SAP HANA represented a sea of changes in the SAP landscape. Rather than continuing to design their enterprise software to run on databases built by other […]

What is Suite on HANA?

What is Suite on HANA: ECC and SAP Business Suite Suite on HANA is ECC running on an SAP HANA database. ECC, or Enterprise Core Component, is a set of ERP tools for core business functions like finance, logistics, warehouse […]

4 Ways SAP Application Hosting Services Can Make Your Job Easier

A lot of companies view their SAP investment as a complicated, pricey necessity. They may hold back from moving to a cloud hosting provider because of the perceived difficulty and security risks of a migration. But with the right SAP […]

About Kevin Knuese - Vice President of SAP Solutions

As Vice President of SAP Solutions, Kevin Knuese leads Symmetry’s SAP Cloud Hosting and SAP HANA solution development efforts. After decades of problem solving within the IT world, Knuese provides strategic leadership to help navigate the complex world of SAP application management for Symmetry’s valued customers. Working shoulder to shoulder with our customers’ executive management team, Knuese assess business requirements to ensure the IT infrastructure in place is meeting the enterprise needs, while providing operational guidance to leverage emerging technologies. Knuese ensures Symmetry customers are delivered tailored enterprise cloud solutions that are expertly managed, with state-of-the art security and built in scalability to grow as our customers’ businesses grow. He is a sought after thought leader and can be frequently seen presenting on the main stage at leading edge IT conferences in the U.S. and around the world.
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