Managed Cloud vs Unmanaged Cloud: Understanding Key Differences

With the ongoing acceleration of cloud technology, the managed cloud vs. unmanaged cloud debate has gotten extremely complicated. Providers constantly experiment with new features, pricing models and terminology to try to get an edge on the competition, and many businesses […]

Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy: Why a Cookie Cutter Approach Won’t Work

Your cloud migration strategy needs to meet your company where it is, not where it should be. Your IT landscape has grown up with your company, accumulating customized business processes, compromises, workarounds and probably more than a few mistakes. You’ll […]

Making Cloud Automation Work for Your Business

Spending time waiting for the help desk to approve a process or tech support to flip some switches isn’t just an inconvenience — it’s also bad for business. Replacing cumbersome, manual processes with cloud automation and orchestration gives your business […]

Cloud Computing Cost Savings: 3 Tips for the Bottom Line

In just a few years, cloud computing has gone from providing one-size-fits-all utilities and cheap compute to an engine for revolutionizing business. Enterprises are no longer moving to the cloud to save a few bucks on hosting — they’re looking […]

How Secure is the Cloud?

If someone asked you “how safe is a community,” how would you respond? Would you ask what kind of community they mean, tell them about the community you live in, or just shrug your shoulders and say, “it depends?”   […]

Why the Benefits of Cloud Services Depend on the Vendor

The cloud has been so hyped that companies often see it as an automatic strategic win. Business executives currently cite scalability, agility, cost and innovation as the most important benefits of cloud services, but there are other advantages to be […]

SAP and Apple: What Their Partnership Means for HANA Cloud

Of all the announcements at SAP Sapphire Now 2016, the SAP and Apple partnership generated the most buzz. The companies announced a new training academy and SDK to speed iOS development, and a dedicated iOS Fiori app.   The benefits […]

Why is AS/400 Still Used? 4 Reasons to Stick With a Classic

IBM Power Systems computers have been a mainstay of enterprise IT since the 1980s. From the original AS/400 through the current IBM iSeries, they’ve been prized for performance, stability and dependability. However, as enterprise cloud services have continued to replace […]

What’s Next for Cloud Computing in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a technological upheaval. Manufacturing security risks, the maturation of 3D printing as a production tool and the growing utility of the Internet of Things (IoT) are all driving manufacturers to adopt cloud […]

3 ERP Problems Solved by Next Generation Cloud

Cloud computing is a mature technology; it’s developed to the point where it’s powerful, reliable and backed up by enterprise cloud services professionals with a deep understanding of the technology.   But in another sense, cloud computing still has a […]

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