Talking To Your CISO About Cyber Security: A Guide For Board Members

As data breaches fill the headlines, cyber security vulnerabilities and other security issues have become a hot topic within the boardroom. Companies are starting to understand that security is more than a set of boxes to check — it’s a […]

It Can’t Happen — the Risks of a Data Security Breach

If your entire company’s value were converted into cash, and stored in a warehouse, how would you go about protecting it? You’d probably start with physical security — a reinforced structure, razor wire, and a secure entryway to prevent unauthorized […]

Accelerating an SAP Security Redesign

Executing an SAP security redesign is like fixing up a house. If the structure is sound, it makes sense to work with what you have — patch up the roof, knock out a wall here, add a room there, and […]

3 Data Center Security Threats that are Mitigated in the Cloud

We understand why many companies still host onsite. It just feels safe. You have your own people supervising hosting and keeping an eye out for potential data center security threats. But in reality, keeping your IT onsite is usually more […]

Expert Insight: What is SAP Security?

SAP security is the set of tools and processes that controls what users can access inside an SAP landscape. Your SAP hosting environment contains lots of confidential information (such as financial records) and sensitive procedures (such as paying inventory) that […]

The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Managed Security Services

For most enterprises, there are only two security options: outsourcing or waiting around for disaster to strike. With the growing sophistication of hackers, the rapid adoption of new technologies and the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, almost no one has […]

How Secure is the Cloud?

If someone asked you “how safe is a community,” how would you respond? Would you ask what kind of community they mean, tell them about the community you live in, or just shrug your shoulders and say, “it depends?”   […]

SAP Security Basics: What You Need To Know

SAP Security governs what data and processes users can access inside an SAP landscape. Typically, users are given just enough access to do their jobs. In order to understand the basics of how SAP security operates, picture a warehouse with […]

8 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities: Know Your Enemy

Anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and Google can hack. Hacking software is inexpensive (or free), easy to use and powerful enough to cause massive damage to your system — even in the hands of an inexperienced user.   […]

3 Network Security Architecture Best Practices

The boundaries of your IT landscape are hard to define, and harder to control. Admins, engineers, employees, contractors, business partners and clients all need to be able to access parts of your network, and all those parts are connected.   […]

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