Disaster Recovery: 7 Common Mistakes

Mistakes are how we grow, in business as in life. If a marketing campaign fails, or a prototype has some unanticipated bugs, we can study it, learn what we did wrong, and do better next time.   But disaster recovery […]

What Disaster Recovery Test Exercises Say About Your MSP

Disaster recovery is often compared to life insurance — a way for wealthy organizations to insure their assets against a worst-case scenario. But with the reliance of modern businesses on IT and the sophistication of modern cloud disaster recovery it […]

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan [Template]

When it comes to disaster recovery planning, most organizations cross their fingers and hope for the best. Many are using hopelessly outdated tape backups in bare cold DR sites, with inadequate DR planning and little to no testing. It’s easy […]

Bulletproof Cloud: The Future of Disaster Recovery as a Service

How long does it take a disaster to destroy IT infrastructure? Seconds, minutes, hours? Try 205 days.   That’s the average amount of time a hacker spends inside a system before detection. And although your disaster recovery provider may plan […]

3 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Disaster Recovery Provider

Disaster recovery doesn’t just protect you from major events like hurricanes and fires; without excellent cloud disaster recovery, even a simple hardware failure in your SAP landscape could throw your company into chaos. Use these questions to make sure you’re […]

Getting More Out of Cloud Disaster Recovery

Most businesses think of disaster recovery as an emergency survival kit they’ll probably never need. They often settle for a low level of service, because they don’t think disaster recovery services can give them any competitive benefits. As a result, […]

Planning Disaster Recovery with RTO and RPO

Disaster recovery is more than a backup of your data; it’s a complete plan to get your computer systems up and running again in an emergency. Between SAP HANA® and other enterprise software, business productivity applications, customer-facing websites and hardware, […]

Next Generation Enterprise Cloud Disaster Recovery

No one likes to spend money on resources they aren’t using — especially if the benefit of those resources can’t be immediately felt. As a result, many businesses use inadequate cold disaster recovery systems, sacrificing safety to save cost.   […]

Cloud Disaster Recovery for SAP®: Better Data Safety at Lower Cost

When it comes to disaster recovery, it pays to be paranoid. Enterprise software is complex, and even a brief outage can cause serious disruption without proper planning. Understandably, many CEOs and CTOs have a hard time accepting cloud disaster recovery, […]

How the Right IT Partner Can Mean the Difference Between Cloud Disaster Recovery and Just Disaster

Every second your servers are down is money lost — and that loss can be disastrous. Enterprises on average lose $7,900 per minute of downtime, according to a 2013 Ponemon Institute study. Data center outages typically last around 119 minutes […]