Access Control for SAP® Environments as a Service

Almost everyone struggles with SAP GRC these days. Many companies use outdated, document-centric review processes. They work for months just to compile audit reports, and by the time they remediate their SAP access controls, it’s time to start the whole […]

3 Questions To Ask Your SAP Project Management

If you could freeze your business where it is while you plan and execute an SAP implementation, upgrade or migration, it would still be a tremendously complex task. The reality is much more challenging. While upgrading, you may have to […]

HANA Managed Cloud Providers — How to Choose the Best

There are numerous SAP HANA managed cloud providers in the market, with a diverse range of service models, levels and offerings. From the hyperscale commodity cloud, to system integrators, to managed application providers, everyone says they can manage your SAP […]

4 Signs It’s Time For An SAP HANA Migration

The days of SAP ECC are numbered. In 2026, SAP is ending its support for other databases, forcing businesses to make an SAP HANA migration or get left behind. Between now and then, you have a lot to do: finding […]

HANA Active HA, How to Protect Your Business

The enterprise SAP HANA cloud utilizes extremely reliable hardware, and sophisticated architecture and monitoring designed to keep unplanned downtime as close to zero as possible. However, things can go wrong. For example, multiple pieces of hardware can fail at the […]

SAP GUI Update: Fiori or Screen Personas?

Consumer software has focused on UX for years now, but it took business software a while to catch up. The SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI) definitely predates this movement. It can perform any transaction users need, but it’s all designed […]

SAP HANA® Use Cases: HANA Everything?

Your SAP landscape is a complex, one-of-a-kind machine. Its architecture and application stack may be the product of choices made over years, or even decades. To upgrade it to SAP HANA, you’ll need a plan designed around your assets and […]

Expert Insight: What is SAP® DMO?

Many SAP ECC landscapes need to be upgraded before they qualify for an SAP HANA® migration. The SAP Data Migration Option (DMO) is a feature of SAP’s Software Update Manager (SUM) used to simplify SAP product platform upgrades and database […]

Why SAP HANA® Implementations Fail

There are hundreds of reasons why SAP implementations fail, but most boil down to lack of experience. Usually, the blame goes to the front end — project managers who don’t understand how to make all the pieces fit together, or […]

In SAP HANA®, Performance Tuning is Mission Critical

The bigger the promise, the bigger the potential for disappointment. SAP HANA offers extraordinary performance promises: real-time analytics, revolutionary data modeling and dramatically increased speed. To gain these benefits, customers pay for purpose-built infrastructure and highly trained support. Running SAP […]

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