Simplifying the Migration to HANA

There’s no doubt that SAP’s HANA database has changed the game. For BW, HANA facilitates dramatic performance increases in queries, data loads, calculations, and more. For Business Suite platforms such as ERP 6, the speed with which core business processes […]

Opting for Managed Cloud: Because Inexpensive Public Cloud Can Cost You Even More

Clear communication is important in outsourcing — particularly when you’re outsourcing something as critical as enterprise applications to a cloud hosting partner. Unfortunately, with the hype around cloud computing, many businesses end up with a hosting solution that isn’t optimal […]

Hardware Quality: Why Big Managed Private Cloud Vendors Let Enterprises Down

Do you know what hardware your cloud hosting partner is running? If you don’t, you’re not alone. With virtualization and easy scaling, it’s easy to think that the machines behind the scene don’t matter. Unfortunately, some commodity cloud hosting companies […]

Board of Directors and the Need for Corporate Oversight of Cyber Security within Your Organization

I believe it is safe to say that some board of directors are not cyber security experts – nor should they have to be. The board of directors should be moving the company’s business forward, and have the confidence that […]

How the Right IT Partner Can Mean the Difference Between Cloud Disaster Recovery and Just Disaster

Every second your servers are down is money lost — and that loss can be disastrous. Enterprises on average lose $7,900 per minute of downtime, according to a 2013 Ponemon Institute study. Data center outages typically last around 119 minutes […]

How SAP Basis Managed Services Can Make Your Internal IT Department Happier and More Productive — While Saving You Money

SAP Technical (or Basis) support is the glue that holds your business critical, SAP Systems together — you may not notice it when everything is operating correctly, but when one thing fails, everything falls apart. Core business processes, like tracking […]

Enterprise Application Hosting Isn’t Just Faster in the Cloud — It’s Safer, Too. Here’s 5 Reasons Why.

Moving enterprise applications to the cloud can feel like a scary situation for many business leaders. Just the thought of moving your applications and data to the cloud can bestow a feeling of uncertainty, insecurity, and the thought of your […]

4 Unexpected Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

For many companies, the decision to move to the cloud is motivated primarily by cost-cutting. Keeping enterprise-level IT infrastructure running is expensive, and without the necessary resources and expertise, organizations can lose money through service outages and equipment failure. Yet, […]

SAP Personas: Turning User Experience into Cost Savings

Over the lifespan of the use of SAP in the industry, we have seen major changes to how systems operate, both from an infrastructure and application view. But one thing that has had relatively few changes and advances is how […]

Experience 60% Increase in Performance – Test Drive SAP HANA in a rapid deployed, secure, Symmetry hosted environment

What if you could drastically increase the speed of your business’s performance, empowering decision making with real-time data query and analysis? With SAP HANA, you can. Imagine a 90% decrease in load times for maintenance with Business Warehouse. Imagine a […]

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