Symmetry Adds to Hosting Service Repertoire with HP CloudAgile

It’s been a big week at Symmetry. We’re thrilled to announce we’ve joined the HP CloudAgile Service Provider Program, which directly translates to our customers as we now have more choices to better impact and manage your cloud sourcing needs. […]

How Carlisle Construction Companies Reconstructed Their Massive Data

When you’re at the leader of a large organization, significant corporate changes can be challenging. After all, each change you implement can impact the entire entity; these decisions are never taken lightly.   Reconstructing your company’s massive data is one […]

Basis Layer Hardening: Securing Today’s SAP Platforms from Threats

All of us are familiar with the high profile corporate systems breaches that have taken place in recent years. With that in mind, have you ever considered that SAP® platforms are subject to similar attacks? While SAP managed for some […]

Letting IT Focus on Your Customers – We’ll Take Care of the Rest – The Story of ATS

You would have to search long and hard to find an organization that doesn’t value efficiency and a focus on maximizing each dollar invested across the organization. When these two objectives are harnessed together, they can help drive value across […]

Six Effective Strategies to Manage Complexity and Reduce TCO in Your SAP Environment

Greetings from sunny and warm Orlando, Florida! I’m here for the Basis & SAP Administration 2014 conference and I’m gearing up for multiple talks later in the week.   Over the past few weeks, I’ve used this blog to talk about a […]

How to Ensure SAP Security, Integrity, and Availability in the Public Cloud

It’s all well and good to talk about working in the cloud—the convenience, the cost-efficiency, the scalability.  But, how does it really all work? Doesn’t the easy accessibility and mobility also mean that choosing the cloud provides less security?   In […]

Be Protected Without Devastating Your Budget

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing your company is protected, especially when we’re talking about massive amounts of data. Sometimes, however, we forfeit peace of mind because of cost.   The same rationale behind “No, I […]

White Boarding 101: Things to Ask Before Choosing a Hosting Partner

You’ve done your due diligence, analyzing internal systems and infrastructure. You come to realization that in the best interest of your business, you need an external, SAP-certified provider for hosting and cloud services, to provide your company with technical managed […]

Getting Back to a Unified Netweaver Platform

Up until a few years ago, talking about SAP application versions was simple and straightforward.  A typical version consisted of a combination of numbers and letters to explain major and minor SAP versions.  If you have been running SAP for […]

Making SAP Hosting A Priority Throughout 2014 and Beyond

New Years resolutions often don’t last long. For many people, several goals are set, but as January heads to February and March, obstacles come up along the way leaving many with many resolutions never completed.   Similar tendencies can be […]

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