Cost Benefits of SAP HANA® Cloud

A lot of business owners who have already invested in an SAP installation dismiss SAP HANA® as a costly, unneeded upgrade in spite of its impressive performance. In reality, the costs have been greatly overstated, but not the benefits. An […]

SAP HANA® Cloud Services Can Revolutionize Mission Critical Business Applications

SAP HANA® is more than just another database. It’s a new way of organizing and processing data, which simultaneously boosts the performance of mission critical business applications and simplifies your IT architecture. Because of the cost of SAP HANA appliances […]

You Need Symmetry’s Cyber Security Services. Here’s Why.

It’s easy to tell whether a building is secure — if the locks are working and the alarm is on, you can probably be reasonably sure your property is secure. Data, on the other hand, is a different story. When […]

The Managed Cloud is Right for Mid-Market Manufacturers. Here’s Why.

The cloud has revolutionized the way online retail, B2B services, and commerce are conducted. Many companies decided that adopting the cloud was a smart move, enabling them to cut costs, access data and provide better customer service. Unfortunately, some companies […]

3 Ways You Might be Behind in IT Security and Compliance

Mid-market manufacturers understand the importance of protecting intellectual property. They go to great lengths to protect their intellectual property, knowing their products and business practices are key to their success.   Yet, if you look at how businesses tend to […]

Cloud Compliance: Your Hosting Vendor Isn’t Telling You the Whole Story

Maintaining compliance can be a huge headache for enterprises. The rules are difficult to decipher, the auditing process is costly, complicated and confusing, and the consequences of failing are high. So when you see a hosting vendor offering cloud compliance […]

Cloud Disaster Recovery for SAP®: Better Data Safety at Lower Cost

When it comes to disaster recovery, it pays to be paranoid. Enterprise software is complex, and even a brief outage can cause serious disruption without proper planning. Understandably, many CEOs and CTOs have a hard time accepting cloud disaster recovery, […]

Simplifying the Migration to HANA

There’s no doubt that SAP’s HANA database has changed the game. For BW, HANA facilitates dramatic performance increases in queries, data loads, calculations, and more. For Business Suite platforms such as ERP 6, the speed with which core business processes […]

Opting for Managed Cloud: Because Inexpensive Public Cloud Can Cost You Even More

Clear communication is important in outsourcing — particularly when you’re outsourcing something as critical as enterprise applications to a cloud hosting partner. Unfortunately, with the hype around cloud computing, many businesses end up with a hosting solution that isn’t optimal […]

Hardware Quality: Why Big Managed Private Cloud Vendors Let Enterprises Down

Do you know what hardware your cloud hosting partner is running? If you don’t, you’re not alone. With virtualization and easy scaling, it’s easy to think that the machines behind the scene don’t matter. Unfortunately, some commodity cloud hosting companies […]

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