Too Many Clouds Can Cloud Compliance

Cloud compliance requires control and visibility. The control allows companies to achieve compliance objectives and mitigate risks by remediating SOD conflicts and ensuring the accuracy of records. To do that, however, organizations also need the visibility to be able to […]

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance For Life Sciences

Because 21 CFR Part 11 compliance focuses on data accuracy and authentication, life sciences organizations sometimes underestimate its complexity. Superficially, it does seem simple. After all, the goal is just to make sure electronic records are up to FDA standards […]

Expert Insight: What is Managed Services?

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the management of business processes and resources in order to cut costs, increase performance and reliability, access hard-to-find skills, or accomplish other strategic goals.   In modern IT, there are two types of […]

The Business Case for Compliance Automation

Imagine you process orders for a company that uses no automation. When customers call to order, you enter their orders in a primitive spreadsheet, tally totals with a calculator, contact the shipping department and credit card processor to authorize the […]

3 Questions To Ask Your SAP Project Management

If you could freeze your business where it is while you plan and execute an SAP implementation, upgrade or migration, it would still be a tremendously complex task. The reality is much more challenging. While upgrading, you may have to […]

HANA Managed Cloud Providers — How to Choose the Best

There are numerous SAP HANA managed cloud providers in the market, with a diverse range of service models, levels and offerings. From the hyperscale commodity cloud, to system integrators, to managed application providers, everyone says they can manage your SAP […]

How to Stop Worrying About SAP Security

Most companies see SAP security through one of two lenses: paranoia and denial. Those in denial generally don’t fully understand what SAP security is or why it’s necessary. They assume the work they put into vetting employees obviates the need […]

3 Reasons to Choose ControlPanelGRC As Your SAP GRC Solution

GRC software might have many features, but it really has two main functions: controlling risk and simplifying compliance. These functions are completely interdependent in SAP GRC solutions. A software suite can look powerful on paper, but fail to provide good […]

4 Signs It’s Time For An SAP HANA Migration

The days of SAP ECC are numbered. In 2026, SAP is ending its support for other databases, forcing businesses to make an SAP HANA migration or get left behind. Between now and then, you have a lot to do: finding […]

On Premise vs. Cloud: A CIO’s Dilemma

Looking at the statistics on cloud computing, you’d be forgiven for thinking almost everyone was moving to the cloud. According to one recent study, cloud infrastructure spending reached $37.1 billion in 2016, growing at 15.5%. However, traditional IT spending still […]

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