Emergency Access Management: How Firefighters Could Burn Your Audit

In firefighting, users are given a higher level of access in SAP, either to fix something or perform a task that goes outside their normal duties. Normally, SAP user provisioning and role management restricts users to their job tasks. If […]

SAP HANA® Use Cases: HANA Everything?

Your SAP landscape is a complex, one-of-a-kind machine. Its architecture and application stack may be the product of choices made over years, or even decades. To upgrade it to SAP HANA, you’ll need a plan designed around your assets and […]

Making Cloud Automation Work for Your Business

Spending time waiting for the help desk to approve a process or tech support to flip some switches isn’t just an inconvenience — it’s also bad for business. Replacing cumbersome, manual processes with cloud automation and orchestration gives your business […]

Expert Insight: What is a SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)?

SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is a tool to streamline the creation and provisioning of test environments. With SAP TDMS, companies can create packages of simulated users and data, which can be migrated with a few clicks any time […]

Expert Insight: What is SAP® DMO?

Many SAP ECC landscapes need to be upgraded before they qualify for an SAP HANA® migration. The SAP Data Migration Option (DMO) is a feature of SAP’s Software Update Manager (SUM) used to simplify SAP product platform upgrades and database […]

It Can’t Happen — the Risks of a Data Security Breach

If your entire company’s value were converted into cash, and stored in a warehouse, how would you go about protecting it? You’d probably start with physical security — a reinforced structure, razor wire, and a secure entryway to prevent unauthorized […]

Accelerating an SAP Security Redesign

Executing an SAP security redesign is like fixing up a house. If the structure is sound, it makes sense to work with what you have — patch up the roof, knock out a wall here, add a room there, and […]

Be the champion of your next SAP Audit

It’s easy to think of your SAP auditor as the bad guy. An SAP security audit can feel like just another battle in an endless war against an unbeatable opponent. From documentation issues to Segregation of Duties (SOD) conflicts, to […]

Choosing the Right Cloud: Capacity Management, Security & Cost

Traditionally, enterprises use multiple clouds optimized for different types of workloads. Although having a variety of different assets can pose cloud capacity management challenges and lead to fragmentation, the benefits generally outweigh the drawback. With the next generation cloud, companies […]

3 Data Center Security Threats that are Mitigated in the Cloud

We understand why many companies still host onsite. It just feels safe. You have your own people supervising hosting and keeping an eye out for potential data center security threats. But in reality, keeping your IT onsite is usually more […]

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