By now, you’ve heard the hype surrounding SAP HANA are most likely you are familiar with the applications enhanced capabilities but are still left wondering how SAP HANA can be a realistic solution for your business needs, and what is the roadmap to migrate your system to the real-time data base.


Now is the opportunity to find out! Frank Powell is not only the Symmetry President and Chief Executive Officer, but he’s also an industry veteran and an sought after SAP thought leader. He will be hosting an in-depth online Q&A session to address any questions you might have on SAP HANA.


Other questions you may be wondering about:

  • What are the critical aspects of SAP HANA as an emerging technology; such as enhancements to MRP run, eliminating batch processing and running in real time?
  • What is the step by step process to securely migrate or install SAP HANA?
  • What are the minimum technical requirements for SAP HANA (Unicode, EHP, etc.)?
  • How do I scope out data volume management for optimal data quantity and quality in the new SAP HANA environment?
  • What are the roadblocks (issues/challenges) I should look out for?
  • What are the crucial “must haves” I should know when considering a SAP HANA solution?
  • Join the session and get the chance to ask you critical SAP HANA questions!


You can’t make the switch to SAP HANA without having peace of mind about your decision and the process to get there. Consider this your opportunity to have your critical questions finally answered by SAP HANA experts!


Mark your calendars for May 14th at 11:30-12:30pm CST for this live Q&A session with Symmetry the certified SAP HANA experts! Learn more about this learning session and register here.




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