Your own customized cloud solution.


For complete flexibility, we offer a wide range of choices in a hybrid cloud hosting solutions.


For example, we can seamlessly connect your current machines with our cloud. We can move your entire rack to our facilities so that you can maintain your certifications. We can supply different types of cloud servers to match your technical requirements, whether you need an Intel server or an IBM Power System. We can even integrate connectivity between different types of servers.


In short, there is probably no combination you can can imagine that we can’t accommodate. Then we’ll manage everything for you, taking caring of security and compliance and ensuring that the system is always maintained and up to date.


Yes, you’ll save time and money with our hybrid cloud solution, but more important, you’ll reduce the risk of expensive downtime while protecting your mission-critical data and applications.


Building a Bridge to the Cloud: A How-To Guide

A bridging strategy minimizes the impact to systems, while maximizing the value of investments.



Jonathan Sharp, the VP of Product Management and Channel Strategies at Symmetry, discusses the next generation of the cloud also known as the hybrid cloud.

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