How BIG is Your Data? A roadmap to Data Volume Managed for SAP HANA

While considering your timeline and roadmap to SAP HANA, it’s essential to incorporate a tangible data volume management strategy in order to get the most from your end environment. If your SAP instance is approaching or over 1 TB, or has older data no longer needed for “current” transactions and reporting, this webinar is a must-attend critical to your operations. We’ll offer key steps for making a conversion to SAP HANA an affordable solution to implement and maintain.

SAP HANA: Learn how to Drive Real-Time Value for Your Business

By now you’ve heard the hype surrounding SAP® HANA; but like so many others, you may question how the application will truly make your business run smarter, faster, simpler. This candid webinar will cover: Introduction to SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA in ECC, CRM, SRM, the business benefits from SAP HANA, including how to significantly reduce the cost of operations, maximize profitability, and run complex business scenarios in real time.

How To Be an SoD and Security Expert When It Is Not Your Full Time Job

In a small company in which employees wear many hats and time is a commodity, organizations need to be assured that security is effective and key personnel are notified when sensitive transactions are executed. In this case study webinar, Symmetry teams up with Powell Electronics to show case the many ways their organization is using ControlPanelGRC’s compliance automation tools to maximize resources

SAP Security and Controls Best Practices

With fewer staff covering more job functions, small to medium businesses (SMBs) are faced with frequent segregation of duties conflicts. Even if your company is not subject to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) governance, adopting a SOX-conscious culture can greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access the potential for fraud. Learn the three key strategies that you can put into action today to strengthen controls at your organization

Strategies for SOX Compliant Transport Management in SAP

Change management is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. Transports within the SAP environment present the constant risk of untested changes entering a production system and distract Basis staff from more strategic work. In addition, auditors are increasingly requesting better documentation of the process. For many organizations establishing and maintaining good transport change controls is the final hurdle to achieving full Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance.