As a certified SAP® value-added reseller and trusted partner of leading-edge vendors, Symmetry leverages its synergistic partnerships to deliver top-performing technologies, along with the excellent customer service and expertise clients have come to expect from Symmetry.

Our seasoned technical professionals possess a deep understanding and reach across the entire SAP portfolio and integrative  process enhancing solutions. Discover the cost-, effort- and time-saving benefits, Symmetry’s partner product line can bring to your operations.


Drive Real-Time Value for Your Business

SAP HANA delivers the speed and agility companies are turning to in order to achieve a real, compelling ROI and enhance their entire system. The in-memory columnar application radically accelerates big data processing and generates insightful analytics to support on-the-spot decision making.

Symmetry can help you roadmap your business to SAP HANA. Whether you’re looking to test drive SAP HANA or would like to get your environment ready for the database of SAP’s future innovation, Symmetry has a team of experts that can navigate through the entire process. We offer expert-led services for a complete hosted solution, migration, hardware, HANA Readiness Service, ROI Assessment and Proof of Concept Lab.

SAP Sybase ASE & SAP Mobility

Unwire Your Enterprise and Unlock More Productivity

SAP® Sybase ASE and solutions manage, analyze and mobilize data in real time. SAP Mobility positions businesses to perform faster, smarter and securely beyond your business doors.

Symmetry is equipped and versed in complete Sybase project execution, including migration/implementation, hosting, continued maintenance and administrative management. With Symmetry as a premier partner, your project implementation has the assurance of our team’s extensive SAP background and elite Sybase certification and training.

Gold Client

Faster, Flexible, Functional Data Management

Gold Client is a selective client copy solution for SAP® applications that features intelligent data transfet, allowing you to synchronize your SAP clients and reduce their size by up to 90%.

As Production databases grow, maintaining multiple copies of PRD for testing can consume unacceptable amounts of disk storage and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, the costs to the technical team mount, refreshes can take many weekend hours, runtimes for tape backups lengthen, and system maintenance gets harder. Schedule a real demo with Symmetry to see how Gold Client can reduce storage capacity and unnecessary resource tasks.

ControlPanelGRC® Solution Suites

Ensuring You’re Always Audit Ready™

ControlPanelGRC is a Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform for SAP environments. It automates time-consuming tasks associated with compliance reporting and audit support. Unlike other solutions, ControlPanelGRC is written, implemented and supported by GRC professionals for GRC professionals. Through exceptional usability, rapid implementation, seamless integration to SAP, robust reporting and analytics broad functionality, and an easy-to-understand user interface, ControlPanelGRC® makes SAP users Always Audit Ready™.

Learn how you can be streamline your entire SAP GRC process in mere days. As a reseller of ControlPanelGRC, Symmetry can provide further insight into the four distinct process-simplifying Solution Suites and even schedule you for a demo.

As the industry leader, we continue to expand our product range and backed knowledge base. Contact Symmetry to learn more about our product services and upcoming solution offerings.