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sap solution manager

SAP Solution Manager is a Swiss Army knife for your entire organization. Solution Manager aides the planning, design and deployment of projects, harmonizes your IT infrastructure with your business processes, monitors system help, and serves as a link to the SAP support portal. Solution Manager has grown up with SAP ERP, and the most recent version — SAP Solution Manager 7.2 — has been rebuilt, with added functionality for HANA.

SAP Solution Manager has a range of tools that aid in diverse areas, including development, deployment, ITIL and documentation. For most companies, however, the most important benefits of SAP Solution Manager are its ability to monitor and safeguard system health, and facilitate SAP support.

Why You Need SAP Solution Manager

  1. SAP Solution Manager Aids in Technical MonitoringSAP Solution Manager centralizes monitoring and configuration controls, allowing you to tune and maintain the health of your SAP system from a central console. Admins can take in exceptions, availability and performance issues at a glance, review alerts grouped by priority and do root cause analysis. It also simplifies resolution, allowing admins to quickly pull up necessary documentation and solve problems from the console, or send reports and notifications to the service desk.

    Your SAP admin will thank you, but more importantly, your SAP system health will benefit. The SAP Basis support team will be able to resolve problems before they lead to performance degradations or outages, and keep your system humming along in tip top health.

  2. SAP Solution Manager Provides EarlyWatch AlertsOne of the biggest challenges of SAP is ensuring your IT infrastructure continues to support the needs of your business. SAP HANA is so complex and has so many moving parts that it’s easy to miss a looming bottleneck. But falling behind can lead to costly performance degradations, as system demand exceeds resources during the upgrade process.

    With EarlyWatch, SAP Solution Manager provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of your system, allowing you to improve current performance and plan strategic investments. SAP EarlyWatch provides data on performance indicators, support pack level, hardware capacity, database growth and other factors. This allows you to make better decisions on topics such as provisioning, hardware investments and configuration, ensuring your SAP system continues to support high productivity.

  3. Solution Manager is Your Link to The SAP Support PortalSAP Solution Manager connects you to the SAP Support portal, giving you access to the Maintenance Planner. This allows you to easily plan and implement routine SAP maintenance tasks, such as upgrades and the installation of new support packs. Changes can be planned, scheduled and synced with the portal and verified through one simple process.

Get the Most Out of SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is a powerful tool for planning, servicing and maintaining your SAP landscape. A managed services provider can help you get the most out of its powerful array of tools, creating solutions optimized for your use case.

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Ben Stacker, Senior SAP Technical Architect

Ben Stacker, Senior SAP Technical Architect

Ben Stacker is a Senior SAP Technical Architect on Symmetry’s Operations team where he is responsible for both a Senior Consulting role as well as leading an internal team of consultants. He combines his SAP Technical expertise with his team-based consulting approach to act as a trusted advisor and an extension of our customers’ IT workforce. With 7+ years of hands-on experience deploying and tuning a wide array of SAP products, Ben leverages his skill set to provide unparalleled customer service to Symmetry clients through on-boarding, steady-state managed services and projects of all scales.