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compliance automation

Imagine you process orders for a company that uses no automation. When customers call to order, you enter their orders in a primitive spreadsheet, tally totals with a calculator, contact the shipping department and credit card processor to authorize the transaction and so on.

Then one day, your company modernizes. Customers are suddenly able to purchase through a digital storefront, billing and shipping are automatically processed. It’s an almost miraculous change in the way you do business overnight.

That’s the kind of transformation experience compliance automation provides for your compliance program. From simple tasks like provisioning new users to complex tasks like compiling audit reports and remediating SOD conflict, all the routine, repetitive work is automated away. The benefits are significant, to say the least.

The Benefits of Compliance Automation

  1. Compliance Automation Saves Time and Money Compliance automation dramatically reduces the amount of work compliance tasks, while simplifying the workflow. ControlPanelGRC runs reports automatically, using data from your whole system, and are routed to the appropriate parties for review and approval. That means no more chasing down signatures sending spreadsheets back and forth, or tracking down old emails to prove to the auditor that you handled some mitigation properly six months ago. Root cause analysis, remediation and other compliance processes are equally improved.The results are dramatic savings. Carlisle Construction Materials used our SAP GRC Access Control solution to cut annual SAP security administration costs by 75% and save an estimated 50% off of yearly external IT audit costs.
  2. Automated Compliance Improves Productivity User provisioning is a necessary but traditionally time-consuming process. It can take multiple days for IT staff to onboard workers and update access rights — time during which they won’t be working. This and other SAP compliance activities also impact the productivity of your IT staff, taking them away from more strategic tasks.Compliance automation saves time for everyone. IT staff can provision workers, remediate SOD conflicts and perform other compliance tasks quickly, so your workforce (and your IT staff) can spend more time on the activities that make your business productive.
  3. Compliance Automation Reduces Risks With compliance automation, your company maintains continuous audit readiness. The ControlPanelGRC SAP Access Control Suite provides ongoing monitoring and automatically executes and delivers access reports, reducing the risks of poor compliance findings.Better compliance means better SAP security as well. Compliance automation means instead of sampling audit logs six months later and (if you actually spot the problem) spending weeks more trying to mitigate the issue, you’ll be alerted to internal security issues as they arise, and can remediate risks almost instantly.

Modernize SAP Compliance

Automation is at the heart of every enterprise. ControlPanelGRC Compliance Automation brings your compliance processes up to the standard of your business processes, enhancing security and compliance, saving time and money, and enhancing productivity.

To learn more, read our free whitepaper, Justifying the Costs, and the Value, of a Compliance Automation Solution


Ben Uher, Client Manager of Security & Controls

Ben Uher, Client Manager of Security & Controls

Ben Uher manages the SAP Security and Controls Practice at Symmetry where he leads a team of permanent Consultants in delivering SAP Security and GRC offerings to global organizations. His deep knowledge in everything SAP Security and GRC related has come from the opportunity to work with over 150 Organizations running SAP throughout various cycles of their implementations. Variation in industry, sector and size has provided a breadth of opportunity and experience in almost every facet of SAP technology spanning HANA, Fiori, ERP, BW/BI, HCM and SCM amongst others. Most importantly, Ben is driven based on results and continually strives to provide exceptional support for the organizations that rely on him and his team as trusted advisers for SAP Security and GRC support.