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Maintaining compliance can be a huge headache for enterprises. The rules are difficult to decipher, the auditing process is costly, complicated and confusing, and the consequences of failing are high. So when you see a hosting vendor offering cloud compliance services, it’s easy to get your hopes up — after all, wouldn’t it be nice if data center compliance were as easy as signing up with the right data center?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and as all compliance regimes are different, enterprises need to be wary of providers promising complete compliance.

How Cloud Compliance Works

A lot of cloud hosting providers are pretty “over the top” in how they advertise compliance; they promote their SOC, HIPAA, or PCI compliance in a way that makes it sound like they can automatically make any stored data conform to federal rules. They can’t. Compliant hosting is necessary for compliance, but not sufficient.

When Symmetry touts our 21 CFR part 11 compliance, for example, it means that Symmetry conforms to the standards of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 11. That’s important, because it means that we keep authentic electronic signatures and records, and maintain strict data integrity and confidentiality. The services we provide are up to FDA cloud compliance standards, so you can use our cloud without being in violation of FDA regulations.

What it doesn’t mean, however, is that the rest of your operations will automatically be 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Your organization might be using non-compliant software. It might lack the right training, procedural controls or audit trails. It could employ onsite or BYOD computers in a way that breaks compliance. Essentially, all our 21 CFR 11 status guarantees is that the services we provide are cloud compliant. You’re still on the hook for ensuring your own compliance.

Why You Need a Hosting Partner with Cloud Compliance Expertise
While you might not have to worry about your hosting provider, there’s still a lot to worry about. Compliance regimes apply to nearly everything your organization does, from your hardware and software systems, to your training and procedures, to the way your office is set up. And a large, multi-national organization can easily be on the hook for five or more different compliance regimes. Failing at any one of them could lead to big penalties, significant damage to your reputation, or even exclusion from certain markets.

You probably don’t have the internal expertise to audit your own enterprise, and even if you do, you’re still safer with an outside auditor’s perspective. Unfortunately, if you hire an independent compliance firm, it could take them months to understand your system and business practices — and you’re still on your own for implementation and monitoring.

But there’s hope! Symmetry offers a better option. As a managed cloud provider with security and compliance expertise, we can make protecting your data easier, simpler and safer. We know our partners’ systems inside and out, because we run them. That makes our great cyber security services even better.

We can tailor our cloud compliance to your needs. Whether you need an expert to audit your software and business practices, or a partner to rebuild a compliant SAP® installation from the ground up, we can do it. Our managed security services can make sure you stay compliant, using cutting edge security software and intelligent monitoring to minimize the possibility of data leaks and other compliance violations. Unlike typical “cloud compliant” hosting vendors, we really can take the worry out of compliance.

Your Complete Cloud Hosting and Compliance Solution

We believe there’s more to cloud compliance than a secure data center and an annual audit. Enterprises need a security team that can keep their data safe, all year long. It only requires one slip-up for an employee to break compliance and leak data, harming both your reputation and your bottom line.

By complementing top-notch data center compliance with a complete array of cyber security services, Symmetry can safeguard your budget, your reputation, and your peace of mind.

Scott Goolik - VP, Compliance and Security Services

Scott Goolik - VP, Compliance and Security Services

Scott Goolik is VP of Compliance and Security Services at Symmetry. A recognized expert in the field of SAP security and compliance, Scott has over 20 years of expertise in SAP security and is a regular presenter at SAP industry tradeshows and ASUG events. His experience includes working for one of the Big Four accounting firms and developing auditing tools, including those for segregation of duties (SOD). Scott is also responsible for architecting the ControlPanelGRC® solution which provides audit automation and acceleration of security and control processes.