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When it comes to disaster recovery, it pays to be paranoid. Enterprise software is complex, and even a brief outage can cause serious disruption without proper planning. Understandably, many CEOs and CTOs have a hard time accepting cloud disaster recovery, as they usually want to keep backups on-site, under their supervision.

But with good managed services, SAP® DR is almost always better in the cloud. Not only does a cloud solution offer more redundancy, but it often does so at a more cost-effective price point.

Cloud Disaster Recovery is Cheaper.

Most companies that move to the cloud understand that it will save them money on hardware, but they don’t realize that moving disaster recovery services to a managed cloud also lowers operational expenditure. As a managed services provider, Symmetry can maintain hardware and storage at a much lower cost than our clients can. Additionally, we can back up and maintain your SAP implementation for much less than it would cost you to hire an in-house SAP team.

Symmetry’s scalability further cuts cloud disaster recovery costs. Instead of having to rent an entire backup IT infrastructure, you can just pay for the resources you use. If disaster strikes, you can easily scale up to a full emergency mode site, until you’re able to restore your primary system.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Makes Your SAP Data Safer.

Disaster recovery should go beyond protecting you from regular hardware failures and mistakes. Sure, a well-designed on-site backup installation can bring you back online if a server crashes or the power goes out briefly, but a proper enterprise managed services solution should prevent most of those problems from disrupting you in the first place.

Only cloud disaster recovery can survive emergencies that threaten your physical infrastructure. If a fire or flood destroys your data center, it will take out your on-site backup as well. By storing redundant copies of your installation in cutting-edge, high security data centers, Symmetry ensures your core systems will survive nearly any catastrophe.

Symmetry Protects SAP HANA® and Basis Better than Anyone Else.

Reliability alone isn’t enough for enterprise application hosting and disaster recovery; organizations also need impeccable data security and compliance. That’s why Symmetry offers encryption for data at rest on our top tier SAN by default. But we even go beyond that, offering all our cloud customers an extra measure of safety by isolating their data.

We employ logical data separation, protecting your information in a way our competitors don’t. We use customer-specific logical unit numbers in our storage area network, along with customer specific VMware datastores to give our partners the highest standard of data security.

Many companies that claim to offer a managed private cloud actually commingle customer data, increasing the chance of an inadvertent breach. Symmetry strives for a higher level of service, providing the security advantages of a single-client data center without the cost.

Symmetry Provides Better Disaster Recovery Planning.

Cloud disaster recovery isn’t like a spare tire; there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that you can purchase and keep ready until you need it. Every company has different needs, which is why Symmetry treats SAP disaster recovery hosting as the crucial strategic decision that it is.

We work closely with our partners, helping them to understand how their systems are integrated, and what services are required for disaster mode operation. Together, we consider an array of factors, including:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Budget
  • Assets
  • Projected growth
  • Recovery point objectives
  • Recovery time objectives

This allows us to craft a fully customized solution, building anything from a basic backup to a turnkey hot site with real time mirroring. Then, we create a detailed project plan outlining every step, along with dates and costs. No delays, no lengthy time commitments from internal staff and no unanticipated costs.

Even the best plan can have unanticipated errors, so Symmetry builds rigorous testing into every cloud disaster recovery solution. We brainstorm possible problems with clients, backup thoroughly before every step, and run full failover and failback tests and user acceptance tests before completing the project.

We don’t stop once your cloud disaster recovery system is built. As a managed services partner, we continuously test our DR systems to make sure they’re always backed up, and always ready.

The Best SAP Disaster Recovery in the Industry

With cloud disaster recovery, anything less than perfect is unacceptable. As a SAP certified hosting expert and managed services leader, we take pride in helping companies plan for the worst, and achieve the best. With some of the best customer support in the industry and deep knowledge of enterprise IT, Symmetry helps enterprises survive anything that threatens their infrastructure.

Randy Downey, Senior Cloud Architect

Randy Downey, Senior Cloud Architect

As the Senior Cloud Architect at Symmetry, Randy brings over 14 years of experience in Information Technology with focus in Virtualization, Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds, System Design and Implementation, Data Center Operations, and Desktop/Server Engineering. He also has extensive experience with VMware solutions at the enterprise level across multiple industries including Managed Hosting, Cloud Service Providers, Global Utilities, and Healthcare.