abacus_symmetry-300x182Creative Strategies for Doing More with Less: How to Get the Most from Both Internal Upgrade Project Teams and External Consultants


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve been gearing up for the 2014 SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference held June 3-5 in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been preparing for my upcoming session “Creative Strategies for Doing More with Less,” a topic I’m sure everyone can relate to in today’s age of smaller teams tasked with doing more with less.


When you’re in the middle of an upgrade project, utilizing the right staffing resources is critical to a success outcome. Typically, staffing during these projects accounts for a major cost component of the upgrade. And it’s a cost that you simply cannot neglect.


There is, however, a way to reduce some of that expense during your upgrade project, and it requires strategic planning and preparation. During my presentation, I’ll be covering some of the creative strategies you can use to do more with less, both for getting the most from your internal upgrade project teams and through cost-effective measures of utilizing external consultants.


I’ll highlight the importance of scoping all requirements for the upgrade. Then, we’ll talk about reality. What should you really be thinking? How much staff will your project actually require? We’ll convert “in-scope” upgrade projects into concrete staffing requirements.


If you come, you’ll learn how to identify the optimal staffing mix between both internal and external resources. We’ll also go cover key considerations for outsourcing development. How much of your staff should you outsource? What parts of the project should the outsourced staff handle?


We’ll also highlight key things to consider when considering external resources. What points should be in a well-defined RFP? How should you utilize statements of work? What should be on the checklist of the kick-off meeting?


If you come, you can be confident that the staffing requirements for your next project upgrade are exactly what you need. Coupled with your confidence is the knowledge that you’re also saving money by utilizing my cost-efficient creative strategies for doing more with less.


Register for my presentation at http://www.sapandasug.com/ with session code 2912. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando: June 4, 4:15-5:15 pm. You don’t want to miss out!


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About Kevin Knuese - Vice President of SAP Solutions

As Vice President of SAP Solutions, Kevin Knuese leads Symmetry’s SAP Cloud Hosting and SAP HANA solution development efforts. After decades of problem solving within the IT world, Knuese provides strategic leadership to help navigate the complex world of SAP application management for Symmetry’s valued customers. Working shoulder to shoulder with our customers’ executive management team, Knuese assess business requirements to ensure the IT infrastructure in place is meeting the enterprise needs, while providing operational guidance to leverage emerging technologies. Knuese ensures Symmetry customers are delivered tailored enterprise cloud solutions that are expertly managed, with state-of-the art security and built in scalability to grow as our customers’ businesses grow. He is a sought after thought leader and can be frequently seen presenting on the main stage at leading edge IT conferences in the U.S. and around the world.