Test Drive Our SAP HANA POC LabWhat if you could drastically increase the speed of your business’s performance, empowering decision making with real-time data query and analysis? With SAP HANA, you can. Imagine a 90% decrease in load times for maintenance with Business Warehouse. Imagine a 60.8% overall improvement within Data Manager. Imagine pulling transactional level data and manipulating it up to 25 times faster. Imagine, and then learn how to make it possible for your company with SAP HANA.


A SAP HANA solution is just what it states – a real time solution. A solution to delayed reporting, slow response time and overall slow system performance. With SAP HANA, a company like yours will experience great improvements in the performance of your current environment. Symmetry’s hosted demo program allows companies to test drive their own landscape in a secure, rapid deployment POC environment.


For many companies, SAP HANA is a large investment and one that needs to reap these performance metrics to solidify a ROI. Our demo clients are able to prove just that: each company is setup in a Symmetry-hosted SAP HANA testing environment where complete end-to-end solution performance metrics can be established, thereby determining if SAP HANA is the right solution for the company. Thus, companies are able to make this large investment decision alongside a certified SAP HANA operation services company and SAP HANA certified consultants.


Our customers’ experience speaks for itself! We’ve seen many clients jumping into the driver’s seat – test driving a SAP HANA solution with their own data has never been easier or more rewarding – and seeing such performance enhancements as:

  • SAP HANA enabled a client’s users to pull transactional level and manipulate data up to 25 times faster
  • SAP HANA enabled easy reporting on large volumes of data
  • SAP HANA cut down Business Warehouse ODS Activation from 45+ minutes to less than 1 minute
  • SAP HANA cut down Overnight Activation times from 12 hours to 4 hours


What would these improved performance metrics mean for your business? For Symmetry clients, it has meant increased functionality at a greater speed – ultimately equating to gaining a competitive edge with real-time reporting capabilities. Symmetry’s proof of concept lab gives you the opportunity to try SAP HANA, risk-free, to see what it truly means for your company.


Interested in signing up for Symmetry’s rapid deployment SAP HANA proof of concept lab? Learn more here: https://symmetrycorp.com/sap-outsourcing/products/sap-hana/complimentary-business-assessment/.