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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is a tool to make business processes more efficient. It accelerates planning, improves forecasting and helps companies make smarter decisions. SAP BPC is designed with an intuitive interface and user-friendly workflow, allowing companies to make better use of powerful backend features, like what-if planning and real-time analytics.

Expert Insight: Nick McCall, Basis Consultant

What is SAP BPC: Overview

As companies mature, they reach points of rapid growth and change. Their policies, procedures and technologies become outdated, and they need to come up with new ways of doing things. For example, a new company may have a logistics model that works fine when they have a small product line, but becomes inefficient as they add new products or expand into new markets. Alternately, a startup may get great results coordinating finance and operations through weekly meetings, but need to put in place automation to harness financial data as it grows.

The challenge used to be a lack of information. People would gather around the whiteboard, page through a report or two and basically give it their best guess. Now, with data cheap and easy to come by, companies are facing the opposite problem: data overload. They’re swamped by the volume of input, and don’t know how to utilize it strategically.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation helps align the right data in the right spots so business decision makers can make the right choices. When properly integrated with the rest of your cloud and IT infrastructure, BPC helps users examine complex business processes and organizational structures, and identify opportunities and inefficiencies that they would likely miss otherwise. Flexible business planning allows companies to react quickly to changing market conditions, and improved forecasting helps them stay one step ahead of the competition.

What Does a Successful SAP BPC Implementation Require?

Implementing SAP BPC itself requires a lot of planning. Most companies understand the work that goes in on the front end to plug the application into your business processes, but many run into trouble later on by underestimating what is required on the backend. To plan a successful SAP BPC implementation, you need to answer questions such as:

  • What components do you need? For example, should you install SAP BPC with SAP Business Objects, or alone?
  • Is SAP BPC correctly provisioned to meet current needs?
  • Is SAP BPC going to be scalable to meet future needs?

The wrong answers can lead to bad decisions, posing unnecessary future upgrade costs, degrading performance or even leading to a failed implementation.

Symmetry Brings the Expertise to Build a True SAP BPC Solution

Symmetry has been implementing SAP HANA cloud solutions since HANA was first released, and is one of the only organizations with experience putting SAP BPC on HANA. We can build an SAP BPC solution that sets you up for success through all your future growth stages.

Contact us to learn more about how Symmetry can help you stay cutting edge as you grow.

Nick McCall, Senior Basis Consultant

Nick McCall, Senior Basis Consultant

Nick McCall is a Senior Basis Consultant on Symmetry's consulting team, delivering expert technical day to day system monitoring support directly to Symmetry’s valued SAP customers. Nick goes beyond performing daily database administration by also providing SAP system troubleshooting and problem solving – he is always willing to learn the latest SAP trends and advises customers to take advantage of new technologies should it fit their business needs. He pairs his sound technical knowledge with outstanding customer service. This is demonstration by his work on large customer project initiatives, most recently working on: S/4HANA 1809/1709/1610, Fiori FES 5.0, AWS/Azure implementation, SLT, BOBJ/BODS, Solution Manager full implementations and configurations, domain migrations – homogeneous, database upgrades, compressions, reorgs, and much more. Nick’s skilled approach ensures Symmetry’s clients receive highly disciplined support instilled with industry best practices to keep their SAP system continuously running smoothly.