hana managed cloud providersThere are numerous SAP HANA managed cloud providers in the market, with a diverse range of service models, levels and offerings. From the hyperscale commodity cloud, to system integrators, to managed application providers, everyone says they can manage your SAP HANA cloud, and everyone offers something different.


But when it comes down to it, the best provider is the one who can complete your SAP team, offering you the responsiveness you expect from in-house support, with the array of services you need from a 3rd party provider.


High-Touch HANA Cloud Service


SAP HANA’s powerful features depend on constant upkeep and maintenance. If a task fails to run properly or performance slows down, your provider needs to address the issue before it affects other parts of the system. Unfortunately, most HANA managed cloud providers still use helplines, with escalation-based service. It could be an hour or more of answering questions and being moved up to the next level before you actually get someone who can help you, and even then, your technician may have no understanding of your SAP landscape.


Symmetry provides a level of direct access to support that stands head and shoulders over other SAP certified cloud providers. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated team of SAP support staff and a client manager, and is given direct, 24/7 access by phone.


Symmetry provides you with a team of HANA Certified SAP Basis Consultants to give your landscape constant care and support. That means you’ll be able to quickly resolve any issues, day or night.


Complete SAP HANA Managed Services


A recent study shows that a typical enterprise uses on average six different cloud providers. Add in SAP support, security, compliance, cloud integration, DR and other services, and your core infrastructure could easily depend on a dozen vendors or more. This significantly increases overhead and complexity, and can have unpredictable and damaging consequences. If any vendor decides to alter its services or your host suffers significant performance degradations, it can harm your whole system, and cause a huge headache.


Symmetry’s complete range of services stands out from other HANA managed cloud providers. We are one of the only SAP certified cloud providers qualified to provide hosting, cloud and HANA operations services. We can manage your entire SAP landscape, handling Basis, hosting, security and compliance, support and other duties, as well as SAP upgrades to ensure your system continues to support your needs. Alternately, we can supplement your onsite team in a support role


Security and Compliance Beyond Other HANA Managed Cloud Providers


Aside from the biggest enterprises, no one can afford to do security and compliance in-house — no one. Tasks like compliance monitoring and incident response require a team on standby 24/7/365, and then there’s the complexity of change control, penetration testing, physical security to fight data center threats and many other costly tasks.


Symmetry has some of the most comprehensive security and compliance offerings in the industry, encompassing the full range of managed cyber security, and regulatory compliance services. This complements our other enterprise cloud offerings like SAP Basis support and disaster recovery to provide a comprehensive solution. Rather than having to manage a large portfolio of different providers, you can entrust the safety of your system to a single team, with all the knowledge required to keep your data safe.

About Kevin Knuese - Vice President of SAP Solutions

As Vice President of SAP Solutions, Kevin Knuese leads Symmetry’s SAP Cloud Hosting and SAP HANA solution development efforts. After decades of problem solving within the IT world, Knuese provides strategic leadership to help navigate the complex world of SAP application management for Symmetry’s valued customers. Working shoulder to shoulder with our customers’ executive management team, Knuese assess business requirements to ensure the IT infrastructure in place is meeting the enterprise needs, while providing operational guidance to leverage emerging technologies. Knuese ensures Symmetry customers are delivered tailored enterprise cloud solutions that are expertly managed, with state-of-the art security and built in scalability to grow as our customers’ businesses grow. He is a sought after thought leader and can be frequently seen presenting on the main stage at leading edge IT conferences in the U.S. and around the world.