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Most managed cloud providers won’t tell you this, but anyone can save you money in the cloud these days. Commodity cloudvendors sell their services at shockingly low prices, providing a powerful economic incentive to move to a managed private cloud.

The problem is, they don’t have the IT managed services to support their hosting offerings. In most cases, you’re going to have to find your own team to support your servers or installation (usually, from a limited pool of vendor partners). You’ll also be relying on cheap, unreliable hardware in a remote data center with little-to-no customer support. When things break down (and they will) you’ll quickly realize these savings come at a high cost.

We believe IT managed services means managing your IT. All of your IT. Here’s how we can save you money on infrastructure and support, while enhancing stability and performance.

Managing Infrastructure Costs While Providing Reliable Service

Between servers, networking, heating, cooling, power, hardware servicing and other costs, businesses have to pay a fortune to run an onsite private cloud. And that doesn’t even count the expense of extra hardware to accommodate growth, failover, disaster recovery infrastructure, and the downtime imposed by hardware failures.

And that pricey hardware is aging from the moment you buy it. With the pace of technological development, SMBs are forced to throw good money after bad, building out or replacing older systems every few years to support new enterprise applications. It’s a recipe for ongoing, constant waste. It’s no wonder that the average enterprise wastes over $14 million dollars for every $100 million spent on IT services or hardware.

Symmetry’s IT Managed Services replace hefty infrastructure investment with a low, monthly fee. Our partners benefit from a private managed cloud using reliable, cutting-edge equipment from respected vendors like HP and IBM, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an aging infrastructure.

Our managed cloud also gives you room to grow, so you’ll never have to overinvest in infrastructure that you don’t need to cover your bases in the future. Our IT consulting services can correctly size your new hardware requirements, giving you the right power at the right price.

Using Our Team to Supplement Yours

It takes a fleet of networking, administrative and support staff to keep a private managed cloud running, patched and bug-free — and that doesn’t count the cost of a 24-hour security team to prevent breaches, or expensive outside experts to help in a crisis.

The problem is, you only need these staff members for emergencies, upgrades and a few daily maintenance tasks. Your admins will do their jobs and wait for something to break. Your security team? 95% of the time, they’ll be sitting there, watching for an attack with nothing else to do. For onsite IT, you can either eat the costs, or risk being caught unprepared.

Symmetry’s IT managed services team provide better support for less by spreading the labor costs among our partners. With daily hardware and software maintenance, state-of-the-art cybersecurity and 24-hour emergency support, we provide a level of service you couldn’t afford in-house, at a far lower cost. We can take the worry — and the expense — out of your managed private cloud

Complete IT Managed Services for the Private Managed Cloud

Symmetry isn’t a managed cloud vendor — we’re a partner. We work with SMBs to provide complete IT solutions for their hardware, software, and support needs. Whether you’re looking for a custom-built private managed cloudIT Admin ServicesIT consulting services to execute your SAP® migration or a security and compliance team to protect your assets, we’re here to help. After all, that’s what IT managed services means.





Randy Downey, Senior Cloud Architect

Randy Downey, Senior Cloud Architect

As the Senior Cloud Architect at Symmetry, Randy brings over 14 years of experience in Information Technology with focus in Virtualization, Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds, System Design and Implementation, Data Center Operations, and Desktop/Server Engineering. He also has extensive experience with VMware solutions at the enterprise level across multiple industries including Managed Hosting, Cloud Service Providers, Global Utilities, and Healthcare.