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No one likes to spend money on resources they aren’t using — especially if the benefit of those resources can’t be immediately felt. As a result, many businesses use inadequate cold disaster recovery systems, sacrificing safety to save cost.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between recoverability and affordability anymore. Symmetry’s managed cloud can provide bulletproof disaster recovery with excellent RPO and RTO, at a lower price point than traditional cold DR. Here’s how next generation enterprise cloud disaster recovery can help your organization.

Cold disaster recovery difficulties. Sure, traditional cold DR is cheap, but it doesn’t have much else going for it. Backup copies are usually stored on tapes — a tedious, long, and unreliable process. DR techs can forget to do backups, or mix up or mislabel tapes. The tapes can get damaged or corrupted, or fail due to long term retention periods. Because backing up takes so long, it’s almost impossible to get good OPR, meaning even a successful DR could lose days or weeks of data.

In a disaster, companies have to manually move their tapes (and their technicians) out to a remote DR facility, usually with a bare minimum of hardware. Leasing servers and setting up network connectivity is so laborious and intensive that it usually hasn’t been adequately tested. By the time everything is up and running, the organization has lost a week of productivity (along with a good amount of data) and spent a small fortune.

Next generation enterprise cloud disaster recovery is a better way. Symmetry’s cloud disaster recoverygives you service approaching hot DR at a lower price than traditional cold DR. Instead of leasing backup infrastructure, you’ll lease space in Symmetry’s managed cloud at a low monthly rate. If a disaster happens, you’ll be able to scale up rapidly, with an RPO of 24 hours and an RTO of 72 hours at most. We’ve even reached RPO and RTO in as little as 4 hours.

And because it’s all handled by Symmetry’s IT managed services staff, everything is reliably backed up, fully tested and ready to go. There will be no harried flights across the country with boxes of tapes, no frantic searches for backup hardware, and no panicked calls to IT consulting services when the system fails to work as planned. Our enterprise cloud disaster recovery team takes care of it, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. We utilize automation built in to the software to reduce the chance of human error and increase the success rate of DR tests.

You don’t have to choose between breaking the budget and compromising survivability. You can’t assume the best in a worst case scenario. An inadequately tested cold DR system can break in dozens of ways, leading to severe data loss, prolonged downtime, compliance violations and even the death of your business.

Testing only once per year on idle hardware can introduce additional risks during the DR test. Without proper monitoring and alerting on DR hardware this can be a show stopper for DR tests, or drastically lengthen them. Symmetry can monitor DR to prevent these risks.

Symmetry’s Cloud DR technicians meticulously plan, test and build a customized system for each client, accommodating RPO, RTO and budgetary requirements. Even in a worst case scenario, we’ll be ready to go.

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Randy Downey, Senior Cloud Architect

Randy Downey, Senior Cloud Architect

As the Senior Cloud Architect at Symmetry, Randy brings over 14 years of experience in Information Technology with focus in Virtualization, Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds, System Design and Implementation, Data Center Operations, and Desktop/Server Engineering. He also has extensive experience with VMware solutions at the enterprise level across multiple industries including Managed Hosting, Cloud Service Providers, Global Utilities, and Healthcare.