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Making the decision to migrate your SAP® environment to a SAP HANA solution can be a difficult decision to make when considering the large capital expense, total cost of ownership, and lack of in house expertise.

The initial Capital Expense to run your business on SAP HANA can feel overwhelming. Purchasing a HANA appliance is more than just procuring a special server; businesses have to account for a HANA Appliance for each of their SAP instances including dedicated storage, servers for the central instance, networking, licensing, as well as enough rack space, power, and cooling to house the environment. To put that into perspective, running your ECC systems (Development, Quality Assurance, and Production) on HANA can cost you upwards of $700,000 for the hardware alone! Acquiring the capital required for a project of this magnitude can be difficult, which is why moving to an Opportunity Expense model (Cloud Computing) removes this limitation and allows a SAP HANA project to be undertaken.

By putting your SAP environment into HANA systems in a Cloud model also reduces your IT Department’s total cost of ownership. Consider that when you chose to purchase and host your own equipment, you have to account for the direct costs, indirect costs, and overhead costs all associated with owning and housing your own hardware. On-premise hosting also limits your scalability and provisioning of resources. Cloud Computing allows your organization to grow as the business grows and to maintain required levels at all times.

On top of all the costs associated with purchasing and hosting your hardware on-premise, the SAP HANA installation need to be completed by a “SAP Certified Technology Specialist- SAP HANA Installation” further increasing your cost and investment. Once your systems are installed and operating, maintaining your investment for peak performance will be crucial to keep your business functioning. Hiring and training the right staff for this can be a long and tedious process which prevents you from providing the focus and attention on your core business processes.

Symmetry’s Cloud Services are architected with the intent of hosting other SAP Applications in addition to SAP on HANA. Clients received the speed and real time performance enhancements of SAP HANA while feeling comfortable that a SAP Partner certified in Cloud Services, Hosting Services, and SAP HANA Operation Services, is supporting your SAP system and all of your hosting needs. This all inclusive approach allows clients to make the decision to migrate their SAP environment to a SAP HANA solution a much less difficult one; by lowering total cost of ownership, working with a SAP certified provider, and creating a fully hosted solution to accommodate all of your systems.

Take a test drive of your systems performing on SAP HANA with Symmetry’s rapid proof of concept lab! Learn what reap time benefits your environment will be able to achieve and make full migration to SAP HANA that much more seamless.

Learn how Symmetry’s Premier SAP Hosting and Managed Services can meet your SAP business requirements and receive a free assessment of your potential cost savings.

Curtis Gaska - Solution Architect

Curtis Gaska - Solution Architect

Curtis Gaska is a solution architect on Symmetry's expert SA team, delivering complete SAP® technical solutions from upgrades to complex landscape implementations. Curtis pairs his sound SAP technical expertise with sales skills to knowledgably advise clients, and prospective clients of Symmetry’s services and product offerings throughout each stage of the sales cycle.

Curtis has a unique ability to deliver technical knowledge to create customs solutions per the client requirements, by not only taking the technical specifications into consideration but also the business drivers particular to that organization in turn creating an optimal SAP environment. This skilled approached includes scoping, planning, and execution of various projects including Migrations/Upgrades/Installs, Hosting and ongoing Managed Services. He also stays abreast of the latest technologies such as road mapping solutions for client’s to leverage SAP HANA® in their current environment to then be hosted in Symmetry’s state-of- the -art Datacenter.