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Solman in SAP BasisSAP Solution Manager (SolMan) allows you to be more proactive, while monitoring system health and can make your Basis team much more effective by improving visibility across the SAP landscape.

If you want to be prepared for the world of enterprise, service-oriented architecture, you’ll need to have SolMan up and running and delivering value, for which SAP Solution Manager is indispensable. Its range of tools help you ace development, deployment, IT service management, and documentation, as well as monitor and safeguard system health. It’s also the central lifecycle management system of your entire SAP implementation, which especially helps facilitate SAP support during testing.

Implementation and Testing of SolMan in SAP Basis

SAP Solution Manager is a template for implementation projects, containing a package of reusable, preconfigured content stored in various formats to keep aligned with your implementation roadmap.

With SolMan in SAP Basis, you may accelerate the preparation and execution of system testing by owning a single point of access to the entire landscape. This supports all testing in one place to keep track of results and supports cross-component testing, as well. Because SolMan lets you make the most of SAP’s support services, you can significantly lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Common Issues during Set Up

Often, SAP Basis team members don’t have the headcount to set up SolMan effectively for any of these functions. It can be difficult to set up for those new to it; in fact, many first-tier functions don’t cover everything you need to maximize the tool’s benefit. Admins may end up with just a snapshot of what’s going on, with a limited view of the landscape and, consequently, a limited ability to respond with alacrity. They can’t diagnose any but the most general of threats, so several sub-issues could be developing well off the radar.

The ROI for properly setting up SolMan with enough Basis team members speaks for itself: you can reduce work effort by up to 50% among IT admin teams. Likewise, when incident management and change control management are solid in SolMan, your request-to-close time drops by as much as 25% due to automated workflow and notification. You can also reduce costs by up to 35% and achieve ROI in six months if your SolMan is set up and managed correctly (AMR Research).

You will want full SolMan functionality as soon as you can get it; however, there are a couple of areas to concentrate on first so you maximize value as quickly as possible:

  • Technical Monitoring: Solution Manager Technical Monitoring will be the most important part to institute on Day One of your SolMan functionality. Gaining the appropriate reporting streams for system alerts, exceptions, availability, performance, and configuration will help you document and assign root cause analysis and resolution. Our Symmetry teams often recommend that Basis admin teams assign regular reporting reviews to someone on staff at a regular cadence to ensure you are covering all your bases when it comes to system health.
  • Early Watch Report: This one is rather simple to use after setup and will also be, as the name implies, your first clue that the landscape is at risk. By gathering statistics for resource consumption, dialog response time, hardware utilization, and load distribution, among others, your teams can get ahead of issues and address configuration problems that are causing “false positives” for these health stats. When we work with our client teams, they’re often stunned at how an easy fix in configuration can, for example, dramatically reduce resource consumption problems that potentially cause serious disruption down the road.

Get Support from Experts

At Symmetry, our best practices start with a simple functionality checklist for SolMan. In addition, you may opt for a day or two of train-the-trainer hours for the tool to be built into the implementation plan. At the end of the day, a step-up approach works the best for the obvious reasons—but there are always a set of must-haves to give you the best chance to monitor system health.

SolMan in SAP Basis provides an easier way to plan, design and deploy projects, harmonize infrastructure with business processes, monitor systems, and serve as a link to the SAP support portal. You can’t get that from a spreadsheet.

If you would like to contact us about how you can use SolMan in SAP Basis to enhance your utilization of SAP, give us a call at 888-SYM-CORP (888-796-2677).

Brady Morrissey, Delivery manager

Brady Morrissey, Delivery manager

Brady Morrissey is a Delivery Manager on Symmetry’s Operations team where he is responsible for both a Senior Consulting role as well as leading an internal team of consultants and acting as both a project manager and internal point of escalation. Brady combines his SAP Technical expertise with his team-based approach to consulting to act as a trusted advisor and an extension of customers’ IT workforce. Being at Symmetry for 7 years, Brady leverages his skill set to provide unparalleled customer service to Symmetry clients through on-boarding, steady-state managed services and projects of all scales.