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I’m Jonathan Sharp, the VP of Product Management and Channel Strategies at Symmetry. We’re starting to hear more and more about cloud first strategies. These are CIOs and IT organizations that are really putting the emphasis on looking at the cloud as a solution for their workloads before any other platforms that might traditionally have been in their portfolio, whether that be owning their own data centers and buying hardware, colocation in third-party data centers, managed hosting providers or even newer public cloud type of hyperscale solutions. The reality is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everybody. That’s why you find so much fragmentation in the marketplace. You have different providers that have different niches and maybe good fits for specific workloads, but it’s really challenging to find that provider that can handle multiple workloads that come from a place where their performance, or their throughput, or their value or cost requirements might be better suited in a specific platform.

That twist, that next generation, is where Symmetry’s focus is. Our customers are telling us that they want fewer vendors in their portfolio. They want unified partners that can support multiple IT demands and IT requirements so they can do a better job of simplifying the needs that they have and serving as a true extension of their team, because today’s CIO is not getting more resources. It’s difficult to challenge your engineers and keep them motivated by working on new next gen technologies that they’re all looking to do. It’s expensive to recruit, expensive to train new engineers. That’s why the IT outsourcing momentum is taking place to the degree that we’re at now.

The challenge, though, is building that next gen platform, that platform that gives you the ability to right size those workloads across a more dynamic or elastic set of cloud capabilities. That’s what we’ve built here at Symmetry. We start with the ERP, or in our case we do a lot of SAP work, SAP centric requirements for throughput, for performance and then reliability, and then build that agile platform underneath that enables you to right size, compute, network storage resources to the specific requirements of each workload. The reality is an SAP landscape has very different requirements for its ability to run efficiently and successfully than a big data landscape, or some other more generic type of application that every industry, every IT organization has in their world.

We’ve put a lot of time, energy and investment in building that truly hybrid cloud platform, where you have the capability to right size your workloads across different levels of cloud and hosting platforms, so that you truly can tie performance, speed, reliability, cost, elasticity to the actual workload itself, and enable that true migration from platform to platform to platform as those requirements evolve and change over time. That is why we’ve been able to really cut across that very fragmented cloud landscape and begin to offer that true one-stop shop single partner type of environment where we operate as an extension of their IT teams really for whatever workload.

Our DNA may be in SAP, which for many organizations is the hearts and lungs of their IT operation, but it extends into many of the other workloads that CIOs today are struggling to find the right size solution for. The fact is, is that for today’s CIO it’s all about decreasing time to market, it’s about speed, it’s about agility, being more responsive to the needs of the business. What’s required to do that effectively is a truly flexible, highly scalable, very robust infrastructure and architecture that’s purpose built for performance, speed, throughput, but more importantly the agility to be able to right size those workloads across. That’s what our emphasis is on from a strategic perspective here at Symmetry and that’s the role that we’re playing for our customers today.

Jonathan Sharp, Senior Vice President of Operations

Jonathan Sharp, Senior Vice President of Operations

As the Senior Vice President of Operations for Symmetry, Jonathan Sharp brings over 20 years of demonstrated expertise in the conceptualization, development, and enablement of competitive product strategies, targeted communication campaigns, and fully-integrated sales and marketing programs. As an astute leader and highly sought-after industry expert he has replicated success by strategically aligning and positioning companies for explosive growth and profitable sustainability. Before Symmetry, Jonathan served as the VP of Marketing and Product Management for Latisys, a leading national provider of hybrid cloud hosting and data center solutions. He has additionally served as Principal Partner for his own entrepreneurial venture, Talant, and as a Business Advisor for prominent Fortune 500 companies to include IBM, Blackboard, Concentra and AT&T. Over the course of his career, he has successfully provided thought leadership and tactical advisement for a diverse list of clients representing both Fortune 50s to mid-market. Jonathan’s success is derived from his ability to provide real-world solutions even during times of market volatility; enabling organizations to quantify the value of their products and services by leveraging competitive intelligence to craft persuasive and innovative marketing campaigns and sales strategies. Jonathan is a consummate leader and a formidable asset who has proven his ability to take organizations to the next level.