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Many SAP ECC landscapes need to be upgraded before they qualify for an SAP HANA® migration. The SAP Data Migration Option (DMO) is a feature of SAP’s Software Update Manager (SUM) used to simplify SAP product platform upgrades and database migrations by combining multiple steps into a single process.

DMO upgrades the SAP system release version, migrates the database to HANA and, if necessary, alters the system to utilize a universal code page by executing a Unicode conversion. However, DMO is not appropriate for all SAP HANA migrations, and has limits companies should be aware of.

Expert Insight: Matt Lonstine, Director of Client Services

SAP DMO is ideally suited for scenarios where application upgrades are required in advance of a HANA migration. There are multiple upgrade paths available (e.g. SAP Business Suite on HANA vs. S/4HANA) and there are considerations to be made for each in terms of the source SAP and database version. The SAP Data Migration Option can also help with the preparation work before the actual physical migration takes places.

Can SAP DMO Help Me Migrate to a New Location?

By design, DMO keeps the application tier in place and unchanged during the process. It can be used as part of a more complex migration, but because the application servers remain static, SAP DMO is not optimal for physical migrations to a new data center or SAP HANA cloud. There are ways to make it work, but they require additional steps, and DMO may not always be the best option.

How Much Does SAP DMO Simplify Migrations?

Moving to SAP HANA is a complex multi-stage process. Both the upgrade and the migration phase can take months on their own, and each requires dedicated testing, downtime, and GoLive.

Consolidating them into a single process and downtime period can have considerable benefit. Decreasing downtime is particularly beneficial, since taking the system offline for any amount of time is costly. However, the actual downtime of an SAP DMO iteration is dependent on a wide range of customer-specific variables, such as the size and performance of the source database.

With good planning and IT project management, your provider can accelerate SAP HANA migration and minimize downtime. SUM’s native benchmarking app can help tune the SAP DMO migration phase. Downtime can be reduced by optimizing migration speed, and migrating selected application tables during uptime.

Symmetry Makes SAP HANA Migration Painless

Like any other business decision, SAP HANA migration is all about ROI. If you can undergo a smooth transition to a landscape that supports continuous business innovation while controlling costs, you’ve made the right decision.

Symmetry can work with you to weigh SAP DMO and other options, plan and execute the optimal migration steps for your landscape, and maximize benefit through extensive knowledge of best practices for SAP HANA performance tuning. We’ll ensure your ERP environment keeps you on the cutting edge, year after year.

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Matt Lonstine, Director of SAP Technology

Matt Lonstine, Director of SAP Technology

A Leader and SAP technical veteran, Matt Lonstine oversees the SAP Technologists that make up Symmetry’s Delivery team, while providing strategic guidance to customers. Matt has managed and executed some of Symmetry’s most complex projects with a current focus on HANA, virtualization, disaster recovery, system hardening, and migrations to Symmetry’s SAP Cloud environment.