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Of all the announcements at SAP Sapphire Now 2016, the SAP and Apple partnership generated the most buzz. The companies announced a new training academy and SDK to speed iOS development, and a dedicated iOS Fiori app.

The benefits for Apple and SAP are obvious. Apple is expanding aggressively into the enterprise space, and this deal gives it an edge over Android with SAP users. For example, the SAP Business One Sales mobile app was launched on iOS at the SAP Business One Innovation Summit in April 2016, while the Android release came out in July with much less fanfare.

SAP, meanwhile, is forging both frontend and backend partnerships, giving businesses more incentive to move to SAP and more ways to do it. This will likely tip the scales for many organizations contemplating an SAP HANA migration, and give the HANA cloud platform a boost as well. But the benefits for SAP and Apple business users are even more substantial.

The SAP and Apple Partnership Will Allow Businesses to Fully Harness HANA’s Power

The SAP HANA cloud is a huge leap for ERP, with incredible performance, real-time analytic capability and sophisticated big data processing. But as with any revolutionary tool, it takes time for users to fully understand and harness HANA’s benefits.

The SAP and Apple partnership will spur the development of new apps to make use of SAP’s backend across organizations. Businesses will have a wealth of apps, using HANA’s database to bring insights to workers, and better service to customers. For businesses that have a healthy appetite for experimentation, this could be a huge driver of innovation.

SAP and Apple Will Accelerate the Mobile Workplace

Today, more people use smartphones than desktops. Users spend an average of 3.3 hours on their smartphones each day — 86% percent of that on apps. However, although 60% of workers use mobile apps for work, much of the heavy lifting still takes place on desktops. For the complex analytics SAP HANA excels at, mobile deployment has a long way to go.

SAP has been working hard to change this. SAP Fiori brought a modern focus on user-friendly design, providing users with the intuitive workflow mobile apps demand. SAP BusinessObjects — with the intuitive Roambi data visualization tool — has opened up cloud analytics in the field. With SAP and Apple working closely together, expect new tools to provide actionable insights wherever you are.

Business Innovation Depends on the Right Partners

As the SAP and Apple partnership drives SAP adoption and provides the ability to leverage its capabilities more effectively, having the right managed services partner is more important than ever. Linking mobile and desktop tools to an SAP HANA backend requires consistent performance, flawless integration and airtight security. Symmetry takes care of the backend, allowing our partners to stay on the cutting edge of technology, without straining their IT resources.

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Matt Lonstine, Director of SAP Technology

Matt Lonstine, Director of SAP Technology

A Leader and SAP technical veteran, Matt Lonstine oversees the SAP Technologists that make up Symmetry’s Delivery team, while providing strategic guidance to customers. Matt has managed and executed some of Symmetry’s most complex projects with a current focus on HANA, virtualization, disaster recovery, system hardening, and migrations to Symmetry’s SAP Cloud environment.