blog-2014-03-07-fi-300x200You’ve done your due diligence, analyzing internal systems and infrastructure. You come to realization that in the best interest of your business, you need an external, SAP-certified provider for hosting and cloud services, to provide your company with technical managed services, security administration and project consulting.


This ideal partner will help your organization expand in delivering flexible, high-quality solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership while enabling high-performing, secure and stable SAP solution-based environments.


Yet one question remains: How do you choose the right hosting partner?


The answer is a challenge we hear from clients each day. In today’s era of all information online, you’d think there would be Top 10 lists everywhere telling companies exactly what they need to ask when finding the right hosting partner.


At Symmetry, we don’t believe a list exists. Rather, whether you’re an expert in SAP or not, we believe there are a few key elements every decision maker and organization needs to consider when making this critical business decision to ensure that when the process is complete, you’ve found the right partner.


First, ask about the provider’s infrastructure. Do they have a hub of information, process and expertise? We call this Center of Excellence (COE), a term used for the base of operations.


Throughout this first step, review the company’s team infrastructure. Are you getting access to the best of the best? How will this partner handle any non-SAP systems to be supported within the Datacenter environment? What will the infrastructure look like?


Make sure when these questions are answered they are specific to your organization’s need. Never settle for a cookie-cutter approach.


Secondly, ask how the provider defines the Cloud. Right now, there’s a lot of buzz about being in the “Cloud,” but what does it truly mean for your organization? Ask vendors to partner to actually show you specific details about your existing SAP and Non-SAP environments.


Next, ask about the networking. Ensure all the basics are covered, from the overall networking connectivity and bandwidth, to the redundancy, power, security, fire protection and secured location/facility.


Other questions on the checklist should focus on maintenance windows with uptime guarantees. Will certified experts be available to handle migrations and ongoing support? What does this type of support look like?


Finally, dig deep into how the provider will support your SAP and non-SAP systems hardware. Will it be in the same environment? In a vendor provided and secure cloud?


These are many of the questions we typically encourage our customers to think about, whether the concept of SAP is in the clients’ lifeblood or completely new. A white boarding session with vendors can help you better understand how each vendor would work to provide the best solutions to your needs. And don’t be shy – ask the tough questions about what this will mean for business continuity, security and not to mention overall costs. Organizational size should also be considered as you map out possible solutions. Choosing an SAP partner isn’t the type of decision you should take lightly. It’s a massive undertaking requiring the best of the best in terms of technical skills, a proven track record and the ability of the vendor to bring peace of mind knowing you’re about to take a major step for your company.


You deserve a team of experts who have been in the trenches and will be there for you day and night. Ready to make the move towards white boarding to more effective systems for your company? Contact us today for a demo of our solutions to see how we can help you. And better yet, let’s start a white boarding experience together. It’s a decision you won’t look back on.

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About Kevin Knuese - Vice President of SAP Solutions

As Vice President of SAP Solutions, Kevin Knuese leads Symmetry’s SAP Cloud Hosting and SAP HANA solution development efforts. After decades of problem solving within the IT world, Knuese provides strategic leadership to help navigate the complex world of SAP application management for Symmetry’s valued customers. Working shoulder to shoulder with our customers’ executive management team, Knuese assess business requirements to ensure the IT infrastructure in place is meeting the enterprise needs, while providing operational guidance to leverage emerging technologies. Knuese ensures Symmetry customers are delivered tailored enterprise cloud solutions that are expertly managed, with state-of-the art security and built in scalability to grow as our customers’ businesses grow. He is a sought after thought leader and can be frequently seen presenting on the main stage at leading edge IT conferences in the U.S. and around the world.