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Anyone in business can rattle off a few basic reasons to outsource IT infrastructure. There’s decreased cost and complexity, increased flexibility and the opportunity to optimize your core vs. context approach to better utilize company resources. But many businesses who internally host and manage their SAP system miss the powerful, strategic benefits specific to SAP outsourcing. Why outsource SAP? Not for the things it helps you do better, but for the things you can’t do without it.

Why Outsource SAP?

Outsourcing SAP decreases disruption during upgrades and migrations.

Most businesses realize that making mistakes is part of how workers and organizations grow. But for SAP implementations, migrations and upgrades, you can’t afford to learn by trial and error; no matter how good your internal IT team is.  Only by outsourcing SAP to the right service provider can give you the depth and breadth of experience to minimize disruption during big ERP projects.

When Pemco approached us, they weren’t looking for hosting solutions — they were leaning toward onsite hosting, and only wanted SAP migration and SAP Basis support. They’d been recently acquired by Orlando Management AG, and were still at the stage of trying to set a budget and plan migration to minimize disruption.

Symmetry met with them to explain their migration options — including costs and timelines. Seeing the benefits of a complete SAP outsourcing solution, they opted for our managed cloud. We set an aggressive timeline, carving out and verifying their Oracle database in Germany, transporting it to our data centers, installing and testing it — all in about a week. They were live a day early, and had an experience that “went like clockwork,” with no significant issues. Without premier technical SAP project outsourcing, this would never have been possible.

Combining the right SAP GRC software with outsourced SAP Security can be the difference maker.

The complexity of SAP governance, risk and compliance makes manual, document-centric control completely impractical.  If your SAP GRC software doesn’t provide output your people can understand or if you lack GRC expertise, automating can take your GRC program from inefficient to nonexistent.  Selecting the correct SAP GRC tool is vital to your governance, risk and compliance strategy.

Top tier SAP GRC software alleviates obstacles to successful GRC adoption, as our client, Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) learned. When they came to us, CCM was suffering from poor audit findings in their SAP environment. Manual remediation attempts had taken months, and they yielded an excessively complex system (3,000 roles for just 700 users), which only made compliance more difficult and expensive.

We provided them a complete SAP Security solution, with ControlPanelGRC Access Control Suite and a custom-built Accelerated Remediation Toolkit to decrease the timeline. Our services lowered risks, sped remediation, cut 3,000 roles to 70, and reduced annual SAP security admin costs by 75%, and external IT audit costs by 50%. This won us the coveted GRC 20/20 Value Award, but more importantly, it relieved CCM of the spiraling burden of manual GRC.

Symmetry is a complete SAP outsourcing partner.

Whether you’re looking to migrate your SAP deployment to the cloud, execute an SAP HANA migration, streamline your GRC program, or control your IT spend, SAP outsourcing with Symmetry is the solution. Our combination of SAP knowledge and experience and customer-oriented service can guide you from the initial planning stage through post go-live tuning and beyond.

Contact us to learn more about what Symmetry’s SAP outsourcing can do for your business.

Curtis Gaska - Solution Architect

Curtis Gaska - Solution Architect

Curtis Gaska is a solution architect on Symmetry's expert SA team, delivering complete SAP® technical solutions from upgrades to complex landscape implementations. Curtis pairs his sound SAP technical expertise with sales skills to knowledgably advise clients, and prospective clients of Symmetry’s services and product offerings throughout each stage of the sales cycle.

Curtis has a unique ability to deliver technical knowledge to create customs solutions per the client requirements, by not only taking the technical specifications into consideration but also the business drivers particular to that organization in turn creating an optimal SAP environment. This skilled approached includes scoping, planning, and execution of various projects including Migrations/Upgrades/Installs, Hosting and ongoing Managed Services. He also stays abreast of the latest technologies such as road mapping solutions for client’s to leverage SAP HANA® in their current environment to then be hosted in Symmetry’s state-of- the -art Datacenter.