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The cloud has been so hyped that companies often see it as an automatic strategic win. Business executivescurrently cite scalability, agility, cost and innovation as the most important benefits of cloud services, but there are other advantages to be had as well.

It’s not just hype — the advantages of moving to the cloud are real. The cloud can increase system performance and stability, make your IT department more efficient, boost adoption rate and even improve security and compliance.

But when organizations move mission critical infrastructure to the cloud, they often don’t experience the benefits of cloud services they expect. In fact, some companies wind up so frustrated with their providers that they revert to onsite computing. If the cloud is so great, why do so many organizations have such disappointing results?

When the Benefits of the Cloud Services Give Way to Disappointment

Cloud computing offers a dazzling array of services, from bare metal to polished SaaS to a custom-built managed private cloud. Customers go in with a good understanding of the services being offered, but they have little insight into the infrastructure behind the scenes. Particularly with large cloud vendors, organizations can’t evaluate how resources are allocated and regulated, much less how the network is designed and maintained.

This is often a benefit of a cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) provider like Gmail. You get the functionality you need without the complexity or expense of having to maintain your own hardware and software. Because it’s a one-size-fits all solution, users require little support and customization from the provider, which keeps costs down.

However, this service model can undermine the benefits of cloud services for businesses hosting mission-critical applications. An ERP landscape such as the SAP HANA cloud isn’t a SaaS utility — it’s a custom-built tool that has to be planned around the needs of the organization. The IT project management team has to carefully choose and configured applications, test and size the landscape, and allocate resources. And once it’s built, it needs to be tuned and tweaked daily.

Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Services Depend on the Vendor

When we ask potential customers about their experiences with commodity cloud vendors, we almost always hear the same complaint: “They wouldn’t act as an advocate for my data.”

With SAP HANA on Azure or AWS, they never know where their data is, or how it’s being safeguarded — much less, the state of their hardware. That’s not just a psychological issue. When performance degrades or something breaks, it can be very hard to tell whether it’s a software configuration issue, a networking issue, or a server that’s about to fail.

That lack of visibility translates into ongoing performance problems as well. Their SAP Basis team can’t adequately diagnose slowdowns, so they can’t prevent them from recurring. As a result, many come away thinking the cloud is an overhyped piece of junk.

Symmetry takes a different approach. Each of our customers gets their own IT managed services team who learns their SAP landscape inside and out. Customers can reach their SAP Basis support consultants directly around the clock. That allows us to resolve issues quickly, before a minor glitch turns into a major performance degradation or outage. The result is ultra-high uptime, consistent performance and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT is in good hands.

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Autumn Salama - Sr. Director of Technical Operations

Autumn Salama - Sr. Director of Technical Operations

Autumn Salama is the Senior Director of Technical Operations at Symmetry where she is responsible for Symmetry’s Implementations and 24x7 Support Services team. Autumn has been in the data center and cloud infrastructure business for over a decade - managing teams responsible for everything from critical infrastructure operations, service delivery, technical support, marketing and product management. Autumn leverages her diverse experience to provide superior customer service to Symmetry Clients throughout the service delivery and on-boarding process as well front line support outside of business hours.