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We’re your PARTNERS. We’re your TEAMMATES. We’re READY to help your business THRIVE.

There’s no greater feeling in business than providing a solution that impacts our customers in a profound way. We’re dedicated to helping you do what you do best – so let us focus on enabling your IT strategy while you go out-execute your competition.

Pete Stevenson

Chairman & CEO

Pete is Symmetry’s Chairman and CEO with over 30 years of experience in the international communications and IT outsourcing industry, having been at the helm in both public company and private company environments for over 15 years. Pete’s visionary, yet rational business approach has led to positive developments throughout his career – where he encourages and drives an environment of collaboration while setting high standards for sales growth, customer service, teamwork and operational performance within the organization and for clients. All while having some fun!

Evans Mullan

Chief Operating Officer

Evans’ 35+ years of progressive experience encompasses sales, operations, customer service, infrastructure development and consulting in the IT and Telecom sectors. Overseeing the SAP Services Group and the Cloud Services Group, he plays a pivotal role in rolling out new services, gaining efficiencies, implementing automated workflows, and ultimately driving a great customer experience.

Randal Thompson

Chief Sales Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the data center and managed services industries, Randal leads our sales organization in driving new business through direct and channel sales. His commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and delivering results-focused, tailored solutions ensures that we build strong collaborative partnerships with our customers.

Kurt Andersen

Chief Marketing Officer

Kurt is a results-driven, highly successful leader in the global information technology and software industry with more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, solution strategy and business development. As the head of the marketing team, he plays a critical role in increasing brand awareness, executing demand generation programs, and enabling customer advocacy programs to develop connections between our solution offerings and the people that need them.

Christian Teeft

CTO and SVP of Cloud Services

Christian has 20+ years of experience in the IT infrastructure and data center industry and is responsible for engineering our cloud hosting platform for availability, scale, and performance. He leads our Cloud Services engineering team in architecting, deploying and supporting the platform and the DevOps team for orchestration and automation via a self-service portal. Christian plays an integral role in delivering industry leading cloud hosting solutions to our customers.

Jonathan Sharp

Senior VP of Operations

Jonathan has over 20 years of expertise in conceptualization, development, and organizational enablement, Jonathan oversees day-to-day operations to support the growth of Symmetry. He focuses on strategic planning and goal-setting, and directs the operations of the company in support of our goals. As an astute leader and highly sought-after industry expert, he strategically aligns and positions companies for explosive growth and profitable sustainability.

Andy Breton

Chief Financial Officer

With nearly 20 years of diverse executive experience in finance and product management, Andy takes a unique perspective in assessing any business landscape to develop the most optimal, and quantifiable financial corporate strategy. He spearheads our financial operations by applying steadfast leadership skills within each function of the organization. Through his financial due diligence and product savvy approach, he ensures Symmetry’s long term financial success.