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Symmetry was founded more than 20 years ago to provide the very best independent SAP application management services in the market.

Achieving that mission requires focus and excellence in five distinct areas that have evolved into a proprietary client-centric business model we call The Symmetry Way. More than just a methodology or set of beliefs, The Symmetry Way encompasses the priorities that drive and differentiate us and that govern the way Symmetry operates, invests, and engages.

The principles behind The Symmetry Way include:

Clients first. We are relentlessly focused on our clients and readily adapt to their changing requirements – even if it’s “off contract.” Our ability to deliver world-class service is highly dependent on our ability to think and act like a partner to our clients and not “just a vendor.” This is why The Symmetry Way demands we do what it takes to address client needs as they happen, with the goal of building long-term, mutually-profitable relationships.

Hire the best. We only hire the very best, most experienced SAP experts, and that’s the level of expertise our clients can expect – they never have to worry about being assigned a “B” team. We also invest in the training and enablement of our internal teams so they are constantly refreshing their skills and are well-versed in the latest and greatest SAP technologies and capabilities, as well as public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Agility is king. Our clients’ business and technology needs are always changing – by the week, by the day, even by the hour. Slow response is not an option, so we move fast and always deliver. The Symmetry Way means that every aspect of the client engagement, from the team to the processes to the infrastructure, is designed for immediate response to client challenges.

Lead the market. We’re always identifying, exploring and analyzing new trends, even before they happen. When our clients need new capabilities – or just have questions about how potential trends might impact their organization – we’re ready with the answers and solutions, and already have the required experts on staff and infrastructure in place. That’s because The Symmetry Way demands a constant eye toward innovation and how it can benefit our clients.

Global scope, local service. We can support our clients and their SAP implementations on a global scale, but we always deliver local-caliber service. This element of The Symmetry Way is what makes us a true extension of our multi-national client teams and ensures a consistent, high-quality, and true world-class client experience.

Our commitment to these five areas is what distinguishes Symmetry from the competition. It’s what drives each decision we make as an organization. And it’s what motivates every single client interaction and engagement. It’s The Symmetry Way.

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