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Managed SAP hosting by the SAP experts.

Moving SAP to the cloud? Whether the quest is to take advantage of increased scalability, reliability and speed, or a desire to move away from legacy on-premises hardware, enterprises are embracing cloud technology. But once you’ve made the strategic decision that NOW is the time to outsource your SAP hosting operations, it’s time to make the next decision: who do you trust to make that change happen?

Selecting the Right SAP Hosting Partner

Moving to SAP hosting—and providing maintenance once it’s in the cloud– isn’t an easy feat. SAP, by nature, is complex and more regulated than many other software systems—and yet, it is the heart of your business. Without it, nothing happens: orders stall, operations freeze, employees sit idle, shipments stop, and the money stops flowing. Basically, your business ceases to function. It’s crucial to identify the right SAP hosting partner who can move and/or manage your SAP seamlessly.

Experience Counts

Because of the complicated nature of an SAP deployment, it’s critical to rely on an SAP hosting partner who has a wealth of experience and expertise.

At Symmetry, we are the SAP experts. Symmetry is one of the largest and most experienced application management and cloud hosting providers. Since our founding in 1996, our teams have delivered over a thousand upgrades, migrations and implementation projects. From initial planning to go-live, we’ve optimised over 1,500 SAP environments on every platform from AIX to Linux.

Not only do we offer SAP hosting, our team members are experts on the entire SAP ecosystem: SAP basis support, SAP managed security and hosted SAP HANA. Symmetry is SAP certified in HANA Operations, Cloud Operations, and SAP Hosting Services, and we are regularly audited by SAP to maintain compliance with their strict standards. We host our customers’ solutions in state-of-the-art, geographically dispersed Tier III data centers to provide the performance and high availability they require, along with the flexibility to scale as needed so they never run out of capacity.

This depth and breadth of experience means we are uniquely skilled at anticipating, diagnosing and solving SAP challenges to ensure that your SAP environment runs securely and reliably.

Tailored Solutions are Key

You may prefer the confidence that comes with fully managed maintenance and monitoring of the infrastructure and security of your SAP system. Or, you may prefer a hybrid solution, where we manage the infrastructure, while your IT department manages the environment—or even something in between. We know your business needs will likely change over time, so our SAP experts work directly with you to build a comprehensive hosting strategy capable of growing with you. Whatever support you need, we have the experience and flexibility to provide.

Reliability is Essential

Beyond the experience and flexibility MSPs may provide, what really matters is reliability. Can a provider ensure your system stays operational? That’s where proven results make a difference.

Symmetry delivers an industry-best operational performance of 99.999% uptime. Our team approach to managed services ensures full redundancy, so that we always have someone available who understands your unique environment, 24/7/365.

Symmetry for SAP Hosting… Trust the SAP Experts

Although an SAP deployment can be complicated, partnering with the right host shouldn’t be. At Symmetry, we dive in as a trusted SAP hosting and application management partner to understand your needs and requirements, and create a win-win solution that makes SAP hosting, simple, affordable and secure.

For more information on Symmetry hosting solutions, contact us today.

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