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Our GRC consulting allows you to stay Always Audit Ready™—even with limited resources.

It’s one of today’s most vexing challenges for IT executives – the concern that a hidden risk, whether human error or fraudulent activity, could damage the audit-readiness of the organisation. Let’s face it: if your current compliance process is based on random sample testing, it’s virtually impossible to monitor all your staff activities, all the time.

Enter ControlPanelGRC®. Now you can continuously review and report on all SAP® IT Compliance personnel and processes. By monitoring actual SAP system usage of each individual, tracking what individuals and departments are doing and pinpointing any gaps, our GRC Consulting services will help you:

  • Identify potential risks before problems arise;
  • Dramatically reduce the time and effort your staff spends ensuring compliance around access controls and segregation of duties;
  • Stay on top of trends and make more informed business decisions.

The result: Peace of mind that your organisation is compliant and operating at peak efficiency. From a solution that’s designed by SAP pros for SAP pros, you gain exceptional usability, seamless integration with SAP and rapid implementation.

Real-time compliance reporting

ControlPanelGRC®’s robust ad hoc query capabilities can run real-time reports on which sensitive transactions are being run, and by whom. This helps you detect and prevent issues such as an individual making unauthorised changes in the financial system, or the same individual issuing and approving purchase orders.

A state-of-compliance software dashboard

ControlPanelGRC® features a simple management dashboard that provides a high-level view of the current state of compliance in your SAP environment, as well as month-to-month trends. You can then drill down to find detailed reports on any aspect of your state of compliance.