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SAP compliance made simple.

Are adverse audit findings costing more to your bottom line? Today’s IT executives need visibility to potential risks before problems arise, so you can decrease the time staff spend on access controls and maintaining compliance. If you’re seeking a way to stay on top of trends and make more informed business decisions with reporting capabilities, ControlPanelGRC is the solution you’ve been searching for.

There’s a better way. Trusted by leading accounting firms, ControlPanelGRC® is a Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform that ensures you’re Always Audit Ready™ that:

  • Identifies potential risks before an issue occurs so that you can avoid adverse audit findings
  • Keeps your staff focused on business critical tasks instead of being distracted by cumbersome, manual processes
  • Shows you all SAP compliance checkpoints at a glance, on one, easy-to-read dashboard
  • Enables you to be safe in the know that your organisation is compliant and operating optimally

The result: ControlPanelGRC® features a simple, modern compliance management dashboard that provides a high-level view of the current state of compliance in your SAP environment, as well as monthly trends. You can then drill down to find detailed reports on any aspect of your compliance position without having to chase down audit and compliance experts.

By continually and automatically monitoring your SAP systems, and exposing potential risks, ControlPanelGRC® makes compliance a natural, ongoing part of day-to-day SAP activities, instead of a mad rush in advance of an audit. That’s what we mean by Always Audit Ready™.

Contact our team today for a live demonstration of ControlPanelGRC, or request a FREE Risk Assessment to see if ControlPanelGRC is a fit for your organisation.

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