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Streamline Your SAP Technical Operations

ControlPanelGRC’s SAP Basis Control Suite automates compliant SAP change management, batch jobs, and SLA reporting.

It’s exactly what you need to keep SAP technical issues from falling through the cracks. ControlPanelGRC‘s SAP Basis Control Suite automates SAP change request processing, batch job management, and SLA reporting. The suite includes a powerful workflow engine with embedded compliance, to eliminate repetitive daily tasks.

  • SAP Transport Management – Automate your SAP transport management process, maintain an audit trail, and ensure compliance throughout approval, testing and migration phases.
  • SAP Batch Job Management – Introduce SAP change management controls that reduce the risk of batch job failure and maintain a documented audit trail. Also reduce the administrative workload of SAP batch management through automated scheduling and monitoring of complex batch jobs across multiple SAP systems.

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