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Troubleshoot and Fix Security Issues

ControlPanelGRC’s SAP® Security Acceleration Suite automates routine SAP security processing

Developed specifically for SAP security administrators, the ControlPanelGRC Security Acceleration Suite provides mission-critical information to recreate and troubleshoot your security issues, such as security testing, password resets and synchronization, and user and SAP role version management.

  • SAP User and Role Change Accelerators – Fully document the reasons changes are made on users. Compare current and previous versions, revert to older versions, and make mass changes to roles and user assignments.
  • SAP License Optimization – Turn your next SAP license audit into an opportunity to improve SAP license management; draw on live usage statistics to provide data at the user, user group, license and transaction levels.
  • SU53 Alternative Security Troubleshooter – Use advanced data capture and diagnostic tools to quickly resolve user access issues and reduce the time and effort SAP administrators spend on resolving day-to-day issues.
  • SAP Security Testing and Quality Assurance – Streamline and improve management of the SAP security testing process; manage user IDs and roles en masse for effortless rollouts.
  • SAP Password Reset Tool – Tame the tedium of SAP password resets; replace “Password Day” with automatic resets of user passwords in all SAP systems from a single convenient transaction.