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We mirror our customers IT goals and strategies by bringing a sense of urgency to issues, and a passion for their success. Because when they’re successful, so are we.

“The addition of ControlPanelGRC has changed the game for us. The audit process is no longer the headache it once was…everything is electronic and automated, so there are no more manual paper reviews. This also cuts down on auditing feeds, so there’s a cost savings as well as a time savings.”

– Rachel Kromka, SAP Security Analyst

“Symmetry understood our business, environment and the SAP journey we were on to support our business goals. In addition, their SAP and S/4HANA expertise helped ensure we had a solid infrastructure in place and an excellent level of customer service and support for a smooth migration.”

– Jan Arvay, Vice President of Information Services

“After an initial scoping study, we met our goal go-live date. All the roles were redesigned and documented, and all the risks were eliminated or mitigated with the appropriate course of action..”

– Veronique Chamard, Head of IT

“Our team can now concentrate on how to use IT to move the business forward. We know Symmetry has our back in keeping the day-to-day running smoothly. It’s a great partnership. They’re a part of our team, and Symmetry understands that. They care about our success as much as we do.

– Billy Patterson, Director of IT

“At the end of the day, we selected Symmetry for our SAP on Azure Government Cloud deployment because they understand SAP…how to architect for it, how to migrate it, and how to support it. Symmetry worked closely with my team and the migration was completed ahead of schedule.”

– Todd Nelson, Global Vice President & CIO

“Symmetry not only brings decades of SAP expertise to our team to ensure our systems are up and running, but they also provide valuable insight from their work on other SAP environments that benefit our current operations as well as our SAP migration strategy.”

– Mark Morris, Director of IT & CIO

“We needed a partner that could work with us and adapt to our needs as they changed, and for us, that’s Symmetry.”

– Tom Coleman, CIO

“By partnering with Symmetry, Sage Solutions Consulting can offer comprehensive, purpose-built security and compliance solutions to a growing number of enterprise customers.”

– Hugh Jetha, CEO

“We knew Symmetry’s experience hosting SAP environments for multinational corporations meant they had bulletproof cloud hosting since system uptime for ERP systems is paramount, but we soon realized by the level of attention and service from their team that we’d found a true business partner and not just another cloud hosting company.”

– Sandy McGee, Chief Operating Officer

Symmetry brought the speed, agility and confidence that we needed for our complex global deployment of S/4HANA. They have now become a true extension of our team.”

– Bob Gamso, CTO

The SAP S/4HANA project led by Symmetry was ahead of schedule & under budget. Our SAP S/4HANA platform shows a payback period of less than 6 months.”

– Mikael Elley,  VP of IT and Planning

“Throughout our experiences, we’ve been very pleased with the Symmetry team’s performance and responsiveness. During the projects, the team’s customer responsiveness went above and beyond the ‘standard’ vendor role.

– Jon Sigmon, VP of IT

“We would have been spending 1,200 to 1,440 hours over a 6-month period. Instead, using ControlPanelGRC®, it only takes 6 to 8 hours to perform the same analysis.”

– Senior Netweaver Administrator

“Symmetry has a much broader base of skill sets to pull from than any one individual would or could have. Those skill sets have been brought to bear on several occasions to work through technical issues and improve efficiencies in other areas. Their support model of having dedicated resources on our account is more like an extension of our IT team, as opposed to other outsourced Basis support models.

Symmetry designed an HA environment that is specific to Edward Don and our needs, and manages it all for us. Rather than spending their time monitoring and maintaining infrastructure, our internal resources have moved on to more value added projects. It’s really helping us move the business forward.”

The implementation of ControlPanelGRC took just four days…and the skill of the implementation team was absolutely top notch.”

– Scott Chiavetta, Chief Information Officer

“The controls are effective and we know that the system is locked down effectively to meet our needs.”

– Scott Baker, Manager SAP Systems

“Our Symmetry team performed beyond expectations. From start to finish this was by far the cleanest upgrade we’ve ever done at Menasha.

– Russ Kiel, Director, Information Technology

ControlPanelGRC resolved a previously irresolvable SOD issue (which is why we looked at it originally), and makes the SAP controls part of our SOX audit much, much easier.”

– Jamison Tomasek, Internal Audit Manager

Risks will be eliminated or remediated in the coming months. Without ControlPanelGRC it would never have been possible.”

– Patrick Meyer, SAP® Security Consultant

Our initial testing already proves we can greatly increase speed with the enhanced functionality SAP HANA has to offer. This allows for the opportunity to optimally utilize our SAP environment like never before.”

– Martina Schraven, Director of Application Development & Support

“ControlPanelGRC is better than the native SAP tools because in real life, one needs to get granular with night and weekend scheduling. It tracks usage and job run-times, and lets me know when there’s a problem via e-mail or workflow. For example, a job slated to run for 45 minutes runs for just two seconds.

– Mike Ayars, SAP Practice Manager

“ControlPanelGRC has reduced the SAP® security monitoring controls from 400 hours per quarter down to 8 to 12 hours.”

– Chad Wyckoff, CISA, CISM, Director of Security