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Mission-critical SAP® applications + a managed public cloud = success.

Public clouds like AWS and Azure deliver some of the most comprehensive cloud computing solutions in the world. However, they can be challenging to implement, secure and administer. While many organizations have moved some applications into a public cloud, they’re still hesitant to move their mission-critical SAP workloads. We understand that when you’re dealing with the hearts and lungs of the organization, placing those applications into a cloud environment without a dedicated implementation expert and dedicated support just a phone call away – is a crippling thought for many IT leaders. This is why having a managed public cloud partner by your side is critical.

A finely tuned SAP environment demands harmony between the infrastructure, operating system & application layers. Symmetry blends technology and automation with human expertise. That way we deliver ongoing architecture, security, and 24x7x365 operations support backed by certified engineers and architects. So whether you’re looking to go “all in” on the public cloud or prefer to build out a hybrid cloud landscape, our experts are ready to manage your IT infrastructure and maximize its performance.

Trust our experts — to become your experts.

Symmetry has been deploying, tuning & managing complex SAP technical environments since 1996. We know SAP. We know IaaS. We have a cross-functional team of experts who will support your solution throughout the entire lifecycle. Certified as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with SAP Competency, you can feel confident that our team will architect, support and tune your applications – no matter where they’re hosted.


One size doesn’t fit all, so our certified experts take the time to configure your AWS or Azure infrastructure – to your exact specifications.


We’re ready to handle the operational needs of your managed public cloud deployment if things go wrong – you can trust us to have your back.


The difference between the public cloud and a managed public cloud is experts by your side. Your Symmetry team is busy continually evaluating your specific workload needs – so you never have too little, or too much.

Why go it alone when you don’t have to?

Accelerating your digital transformation by running SAP in a public cloud doesn’t have to feel like a one way street. We’re here to ensure you are more than just a transaction, and can feel confident about placing your critical applications in a managed public cloud environment.

Our solution architects work with these cloud deployments every day. They know the technology, techniques and security requirements like the back of their hand. Our Basis teams have your IT goals in mind from the start. They’ll focus on the day-to-day health of your SAP system. So while you’re focused on running your business, it’s our mission to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may occur with a level of precision and speed that other providers simply can’t match.

When you partner with us, you benefit from having ONE technical partner with the engineering and SAP resources to seamlessly manage your applications. No matter where they’re hosted.

Ready to start the conversation and see what makes the most sense for your organization? Our experts are waiting to show you what we’ve got.