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Working with the SAP HANA experts at Symmetry makes migrating or implementing an SAP HANA cloud solution affordable and stress free.

With our “pay as you grow” model, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the speed, agility and real-time processing of SAP HANA without the expense of investing in hardware and on-staff certified technicians.

The scalability of SAP HANA on our cloud gives you the power to rapidly and affordably scale the system as needed. Built on leading edge HPE hardware and infrastructure, Symmetry’s SAP HANA cloud solution provides unique memory partitioning capabilities. What’s more, Symmetry is the only SAP HANA certified vendor able to offer flexible solutions from 64 gigabytes to 12+ terabytes.

Learn about Symmetry’s SAP HANA® Cloud

Symmetry’s deep expertise and proven experience with SAP HANA® are enabling us to execute our IT strategy. We are confident that we now have a “total package” partner with advanced security, the right experience and expertise, and a support staff just a phone call away who can help us meet our goals.”

– Sharon Kaiser, CIO, New England Biolabs

We’re on your team.

Our SAP HANA consultants will navigate you through the entire process. As an established SAP managed service provider with SAP-certified hosting, cloud and as an SAP HANA partner, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience in both architecture and SAP application management.

Symmetry’s SAP HANA certified experts provide:

  • Readiness assessments
  • Upgrade planning and services
  • System scoping and design
  • Proof of Concept services

Our SAP HANA cloud is:

  • Affordable
    • Your savings could be as high as 50% compared to purchasing hardware
  • Scalable
    • You could save as much as 30% by only purchasing the resources needed right now—and anticipating future requirements. This means you get unprecedented performance, and only pay for what you need.
  • Secure
    • Engineered by Symmetry, SAP and HPE, you can be assured best practices are followed for every aspect of our infrastructure with disaster recovery options built in.

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