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SAP as a Service – Made Simple

Software as a service is the new normal. According to IDC’s recent CloudView survey, the vast majority of customers (80%) have either fully embraced using cloud to power their business applications and infrastructure, or are in the process of deploying cloud solutions. Ultimately, customers are embracing the cloud because they recognize the traditional technology ownership model is reducing their organization’s agility and financial flexibility.

So what happens when you want to make the move to the cloud, but your SAP licenses have expired? All of a sudden there are additional costs involved to get your SAP system to the latest software versions, and that can begin a cascade of expenses you didn’t anticipate.

We’ll do the heavy lifting, you focus on running your business

With the SAP Partner Managed Cloud program, Symmetry can deliver SAP solutions through a SaaS model on our private hosted cloud.  You no longer need to worry about maintaining multiple commercial relationships for your licensing, maintenance, support and hosting needs. We’ll take care of that while simultaneously providing any additional services you may need from our team. This way you can adopt state-of-the-art, modern applications from SAP (like S/4HANA) with significantly lower upfront costs.

Symmetry is dedicated to helping you spend less time and energy building–and maintaining–your business critical IT systems.  SAP is our speciality, and our experts are ready to be your single-source provider by delivering our world-class managed services and cloud hosting, as well as the SAP software licenses. Our proactive methodology ensures your systems are always running on the most up-to-date fixes, product enhancements and features of SAP software. On top of that, you’ll also reduce the implementation time to get up and running since our state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert team is already in place.

Essentially, it’s an opportunity for organizations that didn’t think they could afford SAP technology to economically acquire enterprise-class functionality in an OpEx friendly SaaS delivery model.

How does it all work?

Symmetry wraps the software, hardware, and technical support costs into a single, per-user, monthly subscription fee.

Activating Symmetry to be your Partner Managed Cloud provider means you’ll:

Accelerate implementation – Our managed cloud environment is ready and waiting, so you can avoid the delays associated with buying and installing on-premise hardware and networks. By avoiding the up-front costs and lengthy approval process typically associated with capital expenditures, you can quickly get your SAP solutions in place while spreading payments out over the life of the solution (rather than writing a big check up front).

Maximize your SAP investment – SAP is complex and ensuring it operates at peak performance is critical. We understand the complexity, continued fine-tuning and expert hands-on management that is required to fully optimize the performance of your SAP environment. Our SAP experts work directly with you to build a comprehensive strategy, one that will grow with your business.

Reduce risk & increase agility –Symmetry’s expertise, flexibility and ability to scale as your needs evolve are unmatched in the industry. Let us remove the pressure to anticipate your future usage requirements and operating costs by offering the software, infrastructure and support other providers simply can’t. We’ll work together to understand your priorities, and continually iterate and help drive your business forward.

Ready to start the conversation and see if a partner managed cloud model makes sense for your organization? Talk to our experts today.

Symmetry for SAP Hosting… Trust the SAP Experts

Although an SAP deployment can be complicated, partnering with the right host shouldn’t be. At Symmetry, we dive in as a trusted SAP hosting and application management partner to understand your needs and requirements, and create a win-win solution that makes SAP hosting, simple, affordable and secure.

For more information on Symmetry hosting solutions, contact us today.

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