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Simplify complex batch jobs across systems

Auditors often focus on SAP® batch job management. But since it lies outside the realm of SAP security administration, most governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions omit batch controls. Batch Manager remedies that issue, bringing change management controls to your SAP software. By automating the scheduling and monitoring of complex batch jobs across multiple systems, this module of the Basis Control Suite helps you reduce the risk of batch job failure, maintain a documented audit trail, and ease your staff’s batch management workload.


Simplified complex batch job scheduling in SAP. You can save time and effort while increasing visibility across your SAP landscape. The module’s centralized infrastructure and intuitive, highly flexible interface simplify your batch job scheduling and monitoring.

Automated workflow. Streamline the process of getting the right information to the right people when it is needed. A robust workflow engine ensures the appropriate batch job owner can review information and take action if issues arise.

Robust monitoring and reporting. Proactively monitor for the completion of a scheduled job, not just its success or failure, to ensure that issues with time-critical jobs aren’t missed due to other system problems. Monitoring and reporting capabilities cover everything from outputting the batch schedule for documentation purposes to analyzing failed jobs in a given client or system.



Reduce audit preparation time and costs. Embed compliance into your processes and maintain appropriate documentation for audit review. Easily accessed reports and documents ensure that your organization is Always Audit ReadyTM, drastically reducing the costs of manually preparing for audits.

Reduce administrative burdens. Enjoy intuitive, configurable batch job scheduling and monitoring that saves valuable time, and allows your Basis teams to focus their efforts on more important, higher value tasks.

Get batch job snapshots. Use the module’s executive dashboard to obtan an easily accessible snapshot of batch job executions over time, as well as detailing successful, canceled, or long running jobs. Then dig deeper for a drill-down to detailed reporting on batch schedules and job histories.

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