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Finally, clarity in SAP GRC analysis and reporting

ControlPanelGRC’s Sidecar for SAP GRC is designed to bring powerful root cause analysis, remediation planning and Always Audit Ready™ workflow automation to customers already using SAP GRC.

Typically, enterprises deploy SAP GRC to secure and automate access controls, compliance reporting and audit-readiness of their SAP environments. However in practical use cases, they have struggled with its complexity and the inability of business users to understand and act on the data it provides. For many customers, the deployment turns into unused shelfware or an ongoing consulting project.

Introducing ControlPanelGRC Sidecar for SAP GRC

The ControlPanelGRC® Sidecar for SAP GRC was developed to revolutionize the way companies assess and address these issues by creating a new analysis and reporting front end to SAP GRC’s rich data source. Customers rapidly realize benefits in multiple ways:

  • Non-Disruptive Deployment – the software is deployed on your existing SAP infrastructure in a matter of hours and requires no new hardware or disruptions to your SAP environment
  • Business User Interface – the software intelligently ingests, analyzes and interprets SAP GRC data to present actionable information and recommendations that are meaningful for business users to help reduce risk remediation time
  • Maximizes SAP GRC Investment – the software is an easy way for enterprises to maximize their investment in SAP GRC as a data source through an improved anlaysis and reporting interface

ControlPanelGRC® Sidecar provides a complementary front end for SAP GRC customers. Together they bring powerful root cause analysis and accelerated remediation of our ControlPanelGRC® software to a customer’s SAP GRC data with a simple, intuitive interface designed for business users.