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Yes, there is such a thing as drudgery-free compliance.

You know it and we know it: Maintaining ongoing compliance equals major stress for the SAP security team. Sending out reports and tracking down reviewers means hours of administrative drudgery—time that could be better spent on other projects. And teams preparing for audits spend angst-filled weeks researching reports, collating spreadsheets, and tracking down paper reports buried in filing cabinets.

There’s a better way. An easy-to-use, easy-to-implement alternative to SAP GRC. And ControlPanelGRC® offers your simple solution to being Always Audit Ready™. Developed by SAP professionals for SAP professionals, our Solution Suites provide the robust functionality you need to meet SAP compliance requirements. And, thanks to its unparalleled visibility, you can view all SAP compliance checkpoints in one, easy-to-read dashboard.

The result: with ControlPanelGRC® you can:

  • Eliminate the heavy burden of manually maintaining SAP application controls
  • Simplify and streamline the maintenance and monitoring of your SAP compliance controls
  • Save you from drudgery and free up your time to address other critical tasks
  • Position you more as a strategic professional and less as a tactical administrator.

All this from a solution that’s been praised for its exceptional usability, seamless SAP integration, and rapid implementation.

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