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Simplify and accelerate periodic access reviews

External auditors require organizations to periodically certify users’ access to SAP® based on job functions. With the SAP User Access Review Automation module of the Access Control Suite, you can automate your user access and role certification reviews, and identify and mitigate the risk of excessive access in your SAP software environment.


Comprehensive reporting on excessive access in SAP. You can give approvers the information they need to approve or revoke access rights to users and/or roles.

Highly configurable. Customize the module to match your business approval processes. Choose only reports and information that are relevant to your data owners, and ensure reports are generated and delivered to the right user and/or role owners for comprehensive review and certification.

Intuitive interface. Our SAP GRC access certification management is designed to help nontechnical approvers quickly and easily complete the periodic user access review process.

Electronic audit trail. Eliminate paper-based audit trails. Automatically notify approvers of new reports, and ensure the date and approval are tracked with electronic signoff. Then capture this approval, along with any related change requests, in the documented workflow and store it for future audits.



Initiate security changes. You can combine this module with User & Role Manager to enable approvers to easily initiate security changes from within the certification report. This speeds risk mitigation and helps you maintain tighter controls.

Automate user access and role certification reviews. Speed the periodic user access review cycle by automating the reporting process. Also facilitate signoff by providing plain-English reports and step-by-step instructions that help simplify the access certification process for your non-technical approvers.

Improve controls. Restrict access in your SAP software environment, and minimize risk of fraud and human error.

Reduce audit preparation time and cost. Automate generation, delivery and approval of reports detailing current user access. You can then quickly provide auditors with these easily accessible electronic reports, significantly reducing your audit preparation costs, administrative burdens and staff frustration.

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