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Track users’ SAP® firecall activities


With the Access Control Suite’s SAP Emergency Access Manager module, you can ensure an Always Audit Ready™ state by logging and tracking every activity that each user performs during an SAP “firecall” session.


Configure pre-approved authorizations. Offer users multiple options for pre-approved authorizations, or authorizations requiring approval (e.g., selecting roles assigned to another user, selecting roles based on a name, automatic assignment of predefined roles).

Track and audit emergency access without using generic log-ons.Mitigate risk with a workflow that tracks changes by user versus a generic log-on.

Track the firecall session in SAP. Require your users to provide detailed descriptions of their reasons for activating the firecall session and their actions. This detailed documentation is automatically sent to a manager for a documented review.



Resolve SOD conflicts. Give emergency access to your pre-approved users when IT personnel and end users need temporary authorizations to process transactions. Unlike other solutions, our SAP GRC emergency access management module logs firecall session actions to individual users and sends it to management for immediate review.

Pre-approve emergency authorizations. Eliminate manual security methods for issuing emergency authorization in SAP (adding, then removing a role or profile). The option of pre-approving users can be automatically provisioned with temporary access, so security personnel can focus on more strategic activities.

Reduce audit preparation costs. Track each SAP firecall session and review detailed documentation immediately after the event. An easily accessible audit trail helps you maintain a state of continuous audit readiness, eliminating the time and resources needed to prepare for audits.

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