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Gain business insights into SAP usage

With the SAP Transaction Usage Analyzer module of the Access Control Suite, you gain valuable insights into your SAP transaction usage. Those insights can help you streamline business processes and remediate compliance risks—not to mention reducing time and costs by properly scoping upgrades, planning training and maximizing SAP license usage.


SAP GRC usage analysis. Draw on live statistical usage data from your system, as well as an internal database to provide data at the user, user group, license, and transaction levels.

Small footprint. The internal database maintains a minimal footprint by creating only one table entry for each user/transaction execution.

Monitor and remediate compliance risks. Your internal audit and IT security teams can remediate compliance risks or re-architect security models based on actual SAP transaction usage during a given period.

Reverse Business Engineering (RBE) data. Leverage SAP usage analysis to gain insights into your SAP software, then use that data to establish project scope and better manage project planning, saving time and resources over the life of a project.



Develop effective training and testing programs. Analyze data on transaction executions from statistical records stored in your SAP systems, then prioritize the reports and transactions most useful for training and testing.

Reduce project costs and timelines. Prepare for upgrade projects by comparing current transactions with future transactions in the upgraded system. You can also identify unused custom programs so they can be removed from the upgrade scope.